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WiFi not connecting. No available networks is showing.

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@Spinderella Do you have other devices in the house working OK via Wifi, and do the settings on those show the correct SSID name?  Have you rebooted your router, if not do that and retry. If still no luck, try unplugging the TV from the wall socket (or removing the plug from the back if it has th eunpluggable sort and is easier). Leave it OFF for 5 minutes or so, then turn it back on, and retry.

If your router is not too far from the TV, try using a LAN cable from the router, and plug it into the Ethernet Lan connection socket, try again.

In the room where the TV is, do you actually see the WiFi signal strength/activity Bars Icon on your mobile phone?

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4 hours ago, Ajay Pandey said:

Go to settings - general settings -set to initial settings .  Confirm .

This will set to factory rest. 

This should help i hope.

this hasn't worked for me. Ive had on and off troubles for quite a while now, have contacted LG sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, today having no luck at all, extremely frustrating, paid almost 4k for this tv and other that this it's perfect, what would my options be anyone know?


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Do you have other devices in the house working OK via Wifi, and do the settings on those show the correct SSID name?  Have you rebooted your router, if not do that and retry. If still no luck, try unplugging the TV from the wall socket (or removing the plug from the back if it has the unpluggable sort and is easier). Leave it OFF for 5 minutes or so, then turn it back on, and retry.

If your router is not too far from the TV, try using a LAN cable from the router, and plug it into the Ethernet LAN connection socket, try again. If you DO want to troubleshoot the WiFi more, see below:

In the room where the TV is, do you actually see the WiFi signal strength/activity Bars Icon on your mobile phone (NOT the phone tower strength steps)? Bear in mind that modern routers  use a 2.4GB band AND a 5GB band (NOTHING to do with 5G phones by the way). However, the 5GB band being a higher frequency means  that the  signal strength & quality drops off quickly the further your device (TV in your case) is from the router.  SO: Does your phone (when used in the same room as the TV), show a GOOD signal on the WiFi bars when using the SAME WiFi that the TV is trying to use?  The SSID names SHOULD be different to enable you to see which is which, but is it not always the case. What is the make and model of your router?  Are you able to go into the Network Settings for your TV WiFi, and see if you can connect more stable on the 2.4GB band SSID? I know it will be limited to 150GBPS or 300GBPS, but still faster than 100GBP LAN speeds.

If still unstable, and your TV is under warrantee, get the WiFi module inside it replaced (most of them are little WiFi/Blutooth Combo cards, plug-in replacements). The Bluetooth part is to support half of the Magic remote buttons/functions.

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16 hours ago, Meejahor said:

Just a quick post to let you know that the same thing has happened to my LG TV after the recent update. WiFi doesn't work at all. In network settings WiFi is disabled, and when I try to enable it the TV freezes.

I had the same issue in my 4k lg tv. Now it works flawlessly. It is unbelievable  but the solution is to open the tv and extend the flat ribbon cable that goes from the mainboard to the wifi card. This cable comes bended multiple times from factory. You just have to unroll it and route it with gentle and big bending radius. It is basic theory of transmission lines. At high freq. you shouldn’t roll the cable with small bending radius. I was desperate and did it as a last resort. The internet connexion now works without buffering stops. Good luck!

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@Jose Carlos Marti Hi, I am sure you are correct regarding the theory, and high frequencies, HOWEVER, I think most of the posters wit this issue are finding that the WiFi module was working FINE for a while from new, and then gradually gets worse, or fails after a software update.  I assume that to take the folds out of the cable, you have to disconnect it, then plug it back in. That will have the effect of cleaning the plug and socket contacts, and there are some technical posts on other forums that state that the connection plug/socket can get dust ingress, and contact resistance build-up. Removing and plugging back in will "wipe" the contacts clean and restore the connections to a working state in many cases (from what I read elsewhere).

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      JioCinema has a good collection of movies and shows , it would be cool if we could atleast side load the app or it would be officially released .
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