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  1. LoL every update speed improvement, but speed is still as in stock firmware. Poslano z mojega LG-E975 z uporabo Tapatalk
  2. Pincho I got the similar reply along that they wrote, while I am waiting for patch I should unplug TV power cable and wait for a few minutes. I think that said It all, LG does not have a clue what is causing the problem, not to mention how to fix it. It has passed to much time already waiting for patch to fix that.
  3. Make sure you have strong network connection. I changed my network configuration and It never occur again
  4. Simon, I edited because I realized how did you downgrade and it was not the same way I did. I updated directly to version which I wanted, which was 04.45.25 but you updated to stock then later update you wanted trough USB. I did downgrade my TV but not the way you did and encounter few problems on the way, otherwise I would not post. If you would understood how programs work you would understood my way. And btw your way of downgrade, is not your way, so do not copy and edit update tools filename like _by Simon, because you did not create these programs neither did tutorial. So next time you sn
  5. Yes. The TV searches for that file and then checks its content. Try it yourself, erase dump file, start batch files, check for update on tv and look into dump file for tv model. Delete the file which has the same name of your tv model and try to update, it should not work.
  6. Check you TV model in LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\in_dump.txt <MODEL_NM>HE_DTV_WT1H_AFAAABAA</MODEL_NM> then find the model tv file in LgDTVUpDater\TV series and copy it to LgDTVUpDater\htdocs\
  7. Let me see... It looks simple but that was not how I did it, Your way is to downgrade to original firmware 03.23.13 and .epk is located on http://su.lge.com. I had to manually check the update to get file "in_dump" to clarify TV model, later copy and edit empty file for tv model and .epk file location and set force flag to Y to force downgrade. Finally when that was all done the TV accepted the version of .epk I copied. Your way is easier but probably people are having trouble finding the correct file for their TV model, that is why the update is not detected.
  8. David, or check my post on 55 page. You must know that downgrade is not easy as double click from the start...
  9. Version 05.00.04 is no better then 05.00.01. Neither works better then 04.45.25 for my tv. Still slow response and other issues are not fixed.
  10. SOFTWARE FILE(VERSION 05.00.04) 42LB650V update for Australia
  11. What is name of the android app to recieve the TV updates notification?
  12. LG TV Firmware Downgrade Downgrade from 05.10.01 to 04.45.25 I had some issues, I left comment on that site.
  13. Gentlemen, where can I download new official version and how do I downgrade since I have 5.10.01 installed?

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