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  1. Me neither. My old (pretty ancient and not smart) Samsung was instant with the EPG and the picture quality on HD channels was excellent. Only chose LG as I thought Freeview Play would be a good idea but that is pretty [email protected] too, it's far easier to use the catchup apps. Luckily I paid far less than you but still too much to replace it.
  2. I have an SM9010PLA just over a year old. Since a month or so ago whenever the TV is switched on all the apps pop up along the bottom of the screen as if I've pressed the home button. They stay there for about 30 seconds unless I select TV or point the pointer to the screen and click. I thought it might be a system upgrade problem and I've since checked if there are any further upgrades and there aren't. I reset the TV to factory settings which said it would also delete all the apps I had installed - which it didn't. Anyone else had this and/or know a solution.
  3. To be honest it's not just the EPG, the web browser is painfully slow too - not that it needs to be used often thank god.
  4. Don't hold your breath, I've been waiting for a year! Don't think they care or they think everyone watches via cable or satellite.
  5. For me it was because Samsung don’t have Freeview Play but LG did - except it doesn’t work and the EPG is very vey slow
  6. Yes I feel the same. My problem is with freeview play which was specifically why I chose LG over Samsung but it just doesn’t work and the EPG is so slow to load and scroll I can’t believe they would think it was ok. Also had to take it back to factory settings twice as it was playing up. Biggest load of crap ever and one expensive mistake. Got someone from the retailer coming to look at it after lockdown and have said they will replace if faulty and hopefully if it is then they will agree to swap it with a Samsung.
  7. Afraid I had no other ideas from anyone and this reset idea came from All4 as a last resort to solve it. Won’t be happy if this is a regular thing though.
  8. Update. Did a factory reset and started from scratch. Everything now works fine except the very slow EPG which I think is normal for this TV. Wondering if the LG software update that I installed last week was the culprit. Think I’ll give it a miss - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  9. I’m also having problems with My5 not loading. Also if I try to scroll back days in the EPG it won’t go back. I have a 24 inch LG TV in the bedroom and this works fine on all apps so it seems to point to the TV. The other issue I have with both LG TVs is the extreme lag when opening or scrolling through the EPG. Really regretting my decision to go to LG after years with Samsung. Both TVs were bought in January. Will be ringing retailer tomorrow for help.
  10. Had a bit of problem with ALL4 catchup app not loading or buffering when it does load but the last couple of days or so it won't load at all and I get the message: Well this is embarrassing. Somthing's not working, please try again in a few minutes. ALL4-T006 All the other catchup apps work fine. I think the problem is probably with channel 4 as it buffers a bit on my laptop too through the web browser but wondering if anyone else has had the problem and managed to resolve it. Thanks
  11. Just bought an LG 55SM9010PLA as I was told by various people it was a great TV. The picture may be good but I find the programme guide absolutely useless taking a couple of seconds to load and when using page down or up I get a blank page for a couple of seconds. My old Samsung was instant so what's with this awful lag. It's nothing to do with the internet connection as it's just the same if I disconnect the internet, They've put plenty of useless things in like the annoying red pointer on the magic remote but can't get the basic stuff right - it's like going back in time, even before my anci

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