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  1. Hi again - just thought I'd share the LG email reply I received recently in relation to this issue. It doesn't add much to the sum total of discussion so far .... but it shows that LG Customer Services are being somewhat intransigent and trying to shift the blame.
  2. Hi Tinks, When I press the Red button on BBC1 I get the BBC news channel displayed with various news videos ... I don't get teletext. Is that the normal behaviour ? I'm in dialogue with the Retailer about my issue as they haven't encountered it so it makes me think that there may not be a satisfactory resolution to this.
  3. Hi Just thought I would add to this ... I've just bought a new LG 49SM8600PLA and the problem you are all describing here has affected my TV after it updated The SW Version on my TV is (goldilocks2-gulaga) Does anyone know if this sort of problem makes the TV "unfit for purpose" within the terms of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 ?
  4. Hi All, Has anyone had a recent update of the OS on their TV to 4.7.050204 (goldilocks2-gulaga) ? The reason I ask is that the IPTV channels on my TV seem to have borked these channels as I now get "Invalid Service" floating across the screen. I'm pretty sure these channels worked before the update. I'm referring to channels such as Now 90's, Planect Knowledge, The Sports Channel Network etc. So these are NOT APPS but TV Channels showing up on the guide and still show the programme details. This TV is only a week old, and I think I'm going to be bounced between the retailer and LG as it seems to be a software issue. Does anyone have similar experiences and have you resolved the issue ? TIA 51.sqn

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