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  1. I did not try.. You can try it, but there is always a risk of destroying the TV.
  2. Hi Harry! Try with latest downgrade tool from august 2018. Tell us if you've succeeded.. DOWNLOAD (Скачать)
  3. I installed this new firmware and everything is seems to be fine. No problems at all.. If you like my work you can donate me if you wish https://www.paypal.me/DejanFehirov/3
  4. New firmware update for LB630-LB870, EC930 (webOS 1.0) Europe models only! Create LG_DTV folder on formated flash usb memory and copy .epk file 05.05.55 Download: http://su.lge.com/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201804/starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2529-05.05.55-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk Source: http://webos-forums.ru/topic4244.html
  5. 1. Format usb flash with fat32 2. Create folder LG_DTV on usb flash 3. Copy .epk file to this folder 4. Safely eject usb 5. Connect usb flash to TV 6. Confirm usb update and wait 5-10 minutes 7. After sucessfuly update popup notification show on tv screen now you can restart tv(turn off/on) 8. Reset to factory settings after start for best performance 9. Enjoy in new firmware
  6. As far as I can see you installed a BETA 05.10.02 long time ago. LG Company did not allow firmware to be downgraded. You'll never get official update because official firmwares starting with 05.05.xx but you have 05.10.xx, so only way is unofficial downgrade to latest official for your region (Brasil). Process is a bit complicated and here on this forum you have detailed tutorial how to. HERE IS TUTORIAL Attention: You can destroy (brick) your tv set if something going wrong in the downgrade process. Cheers! Dejan
  7. This is OFFICIAL firmware update, but only for Russia!!! New in this update: 1. Improvement 1) Apply TLS 1.2 http://www.lg.com/ru/support/support-product/lg-42LB730V
  8. I would not recommend unofficial downgrade if you do not know in detail how it works. Wait for the official update.. There is a risk that you brick your TV
  9. Hi, just go to official web page of your specific model and download firmware file.. I have 42LB700V and all LB630-LB870 and EC930 models uses same firmware. For these models (LB630-LB870 and EC930) latest official usb version 05.05.35: DOWNLOAD
  10. LB630-LB870 and EC930 (webOS 1.0) New official USB update 05.05.35
  11. Here: Для моделей UB850-UB980, UC970 (webOS 1): официальные онлайн-прошивки:для наших стран -> 05.05.01 от 05.2016 (на системе ashley) для Гонконга (HK) -> 05.00.80 от 04.2016 (на системе ashley) для Китая (CN) -> 05.00.25 от 10.2015 (на системе ashley) для Колумбии (CO), Тайваня (TW) -> 05.00.25 от 10.2015 (на системе ashley) для остальных ЮАР подобных стран -> 05.00.25 от 10.2015 (на системе ashley) тестовые онлайн-прошивки:для России (RU) -> 05.05.55 от 10.2016 (на системе ashley) для остальных наших стран -> 05.05.15 от 06.2016 (на системе ashley) для Китая (CN), Гонконга (HK) -> 05.05.45 от 10.2016 (на системе ashley) для Колумбии (CO), Тайваня (TW) -> 05.00.25 от 10.2015 (на системе ashley) для остальных ЮАР подобных стран -> 05.00.70 от 01.2016 (на системе ashley)
  12. Just download 05.05.20 officially from LG site HERE Unzip "Software_File(Version_05.05.20).zip" , format usb flash stick to fat32, create folder LG_DTV and copy file "starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2522-05.05.20-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk" into this folder, safely remove usb, plug into TV and install...or wait a while LG prepared for us new firmware update 05.05.35 (now in test/beta)

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