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  1. @DarklordBGD I‘m really pleased with the TV at the moment, the picture quality is superb to my eyes, so was a little dubious about updating the FW after seeing your post. I might give it a go and upgrade tomorrow via USB after reading the AVForum posts, see if it sorts out my subtitle issue. This is my second LG Weos tv, I think the user interface is great and the WebOs 4.5 is way quicker than the WebOs 1 Version on my 2014TV. Cheers Jon
  2. @DarklordBGD What firmware did you upgrade from? Just bought a 49SM900 with firmware 04.71.25 Just been offered the 04.80.02 and wondering if I should upgrade or not. Happy with it as but have a subtitle issue with iptv app and possibly new firmware could cure it. Who knows CheerS Jon
  3. Hi, I have a 2014 lb731 on 05.05.5t firmware and have just seen an update available 05.05.70, has anyone else seen or installed this new firmware yet. Jon
  4. Don’t know if its aplicable but have you tried setting the time and date, mine randomly changes and refuses to load any internet based apps. Worth a try before a reset if you haven’t already done so.
  5. Maybe indierectly somthing to do wih the data terms and conditions change’s aswell?. Now listed on the uk website with change log too.
  6. HI Dejan, long time no speak😉. How is the new firmware holding up, any noticeable differences? or pretty much same same.
  7. Applied the 05.05.45 update on my 42 LB731-VE and not really noticed any dramatic changes. Just updated a few apps I have thats all and the changed Youtube icon.
  8. My model number is listed so I’m downloading as we speak.. Mihai My model number 43lb731-VE is listed so I’m downloading as we speak.. Mihai can you tell me if you use the simplink function and is it working ok. Cheers Jon
  9. Hi guys, I have a strange problem and wondered if anybody has a similar issue. The issue is when switching TV channels after first starting (satellite connection on the rear of TV used). The TV locks up and prevents changing of the channels. You can change and use all other device source and volume controls no problems.then you change back to TV and still no channel selection available. Left for a while it seems to correct itself. This has happened as far as I can remember for all 05.xx.xx firmware versions even after various attempts of resetting of the TV 1. Turn TV onfrom standby, normally turned off on the TV input. 2. Flick through channels to find suitable program. 3. After 20-30seconds flicking 4 or 5 channels the TV Locks up for 1-2 minutes unable to change TV channels. 4. After waiting a while the TV changes channels. 5. All working as normal. Regards Jon 42-LB731
  10. Well got a suprise this morning. My 42LB731 auto updated to the new 05.05.35 software. Forgot that I'd ticked the check box for auto update. Working as normal at the moment, no noticeable difference. No full reset as can not be bothered setting up again, probably will do one when I get the urge. Good on LG they're still looking after us 1st gen WebOs owners even though we don't see any significant changes.
  11. Installed via usb. All my previous updates dome through usb. Only the very first 2 updates came through the OTA route.
  12. I've just installed 05.05.20 on a 42LB731. As always seems a little snapier but I think the picture quality has improved or returned to pre 05.**.** version softwares. Will play around later.
  13. Jus done a full reset on Tv after the account login problem and the now all is reasolved. Just waiting for tuning to finish.
  14. Oh well, looks like I may have to do a full reset & start all over again with settings. Just hope I can log in and download my preferred apps from the store.
  15. I have the same account problem, also unable to open the LG store to get apps. Mladjokis have you made a full reset after the install?. I haven't and don't want to because I may loose all my app and will not be able to download them.
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