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  1. I agree with Black eye. Because LG have no thirst or encouragement for apps.
  2. TV doesn't have the processing power for any decent android games. Use Miracast or cable the picture from something that can.
  3. All streaming services have agreed to reduce the quality of content to help maintain services as home usage threated to overload UK broadband services. It's temporary.
  4. Content store has You Tube app. Get it from there. Can you access the content store? Web OS doesn't seem to support videos and LG refuse to do anything about it.
  5. Wait for LG to put it on the LG Content page of your TV and then install/ download it. However, that would be highly unusual for them as they have little interest in open access to their TV content.
  6. I haven't seen it either. The range of apps is very limited and the browser very poor.
  7. Please don't post twice. Plus browser questions are a waste of time. LG not interested.
  8. It will be automatically updated as soon as LG can be bothered to update the browser. They have no interest in doing so or permitting any other, more popular browsers. We are stuck with this inferior one.
  9. Lg have very few apps and no interest in finding any really good ones.
  10. Select it once it's installed, if it is available.
  11. Did your previous TV tune ok at this address. Can you try taking it to someone else's property with a known good signal to see if it tunes ok there? If it tunes ok there it must be s problem with the Arial or Arial cable or an amplifier or distribution system has failed.

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