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  1. Not unless LG allow it in to the content store. You can't side load to the set directly.
  2. You can have Mx player when it appears in the lg content store. That is how they do it.
  3. Wait for them to appear in the content store.
  4. It sounds like you have set the TV up to be connected to a set top box or other feed when it should have been setup as just antenna. It is looking for something you said was there when it isn't. Try running the setup wizard again and chose OTT antenna only as the source of signal. You will still be able to use other inputs when you need to.
  5. Freeview have reorganised their channels. Some have moved and 3 or 4 have been withdrawn. It was advised in advance with a message that had to be cleared using the yellow button. Google Freeview changes June 2020. It is for once not an LG issue .
  6. If not in content store, you cannot have it.
  7. Good luck with that. They are more interested in selling TV's. Is the TV you have Alexa compatible?
  8. Sounds like Nine Now doesn't support WebOS fully. The browser is built into WebOS and I guess they will update if they think they need to. In the meantime I dare say they will suggest that you get Nine Now made compatible with WebOS which is what they usually come up with. They're just not interested.
  9. Plug it into the mains and antenna socket. The rest depends on model. Mine didn't have instructions either. How hard can it be.......
  10. If the You Tube app appears in your LG Content store then use that instead of the browser that LG supplies with Web OS.
  11. The casting app needs to be on your mobile, not the TV. Your mobile might even have the ability to cast to a smart TV without a casting app.
  12. The solution is for LG to put the Hotstar app in the LG Content Store on your TV. Until they do you cannot have it. You can use Amazon by using the internet browser to visit the Amazon site. Again the best solution is for LG to put the Amazon app on the LG Content Store. I doubt they will provide either.
  13. Is this only available in the USA? It isn't in my LG Content store in the UK.
  14. I agree with Black eye. Because LG have no thirst or encouragement for apps.

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