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  1. I use hotstar from the Web browser and it works great! Try it. Nitin
  2. Yes, it worked and I posted that above. But now it's not working. Nitin
  3. Hello All, I've 55UK7500 and Google Pixel 2 XL. When I tried to cast the phone on TV it is unable to find the screen. I searched and found that Google has stopped supporting miracast. Has anyone found any workaround for this issue? Nitin
  4. I think that app/ website has issues... It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Nitin
  5. I checked yesterday and it started working. Looks like they have fixed it. Nitin
  6. Yes, I was also wondering why users are so keen to get the app when we can access it via browser. But as you mentioned, it might be the case that it works on some models and not on others. I've 55UK6500 and it works without any glitch. Regarding your question about burn in due to logo, I think that should not be an issue as other channels also have their logos on top right corners and that doesn't have any side effects afaik. Nitin
  7. You can watch hotstar without any issues through the browser. Just open the browser and go to http://www.hotstar.com Nitin
  8. Yes, faced similar issue. Downloaded the app and tried to play a video but it won't play even after 15Mbps internet speed. Initially thought I'm doing something wrong but after reading your post is confirmed that it's an issue with the app. Hope LG (or whoever is responsible) solves this on priority. Nitin

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