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  1. Oh..now i have to show you the proof??If you are imagining that only because you have contacted hotstar they are developing app for webos then you are absolutely wrong Mr.George.
  2. George,thanks a lot for the support. After irritating you so much this was expected ;-) Regards&Apologies Ravi Teja
  3. George,dont you think you are getting too many requests about hotstar.Instead of taking time and replying every body to contact service providers why don't you escalate this to LG. ACTION WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED THAN ADVICE
  4. If the solution for this is to contact the content provider what is this forum about? Since you assumed a lot of stuff here about flash,apis,cgis etc let me take the privilege and correct you that flash is a builtin feature in browsers these days which means flash always exists. I am literally shocked at your response which suggests me to contact the content provider,if i need netflix i should talk to netflix. Need amazon then talk to amazon.you are giving us a very good job to keep contacting the service providers after buying lg tv. I am very curious to know if you contact all the providers if u need stuff in android or just post your request in android forum??
  5. And you know what we cant even open hotstar desktop version on webos.Awesome job by Lg's webos
  6. Shouldn't lg people be taking care of that??
  7. Highly dissappointed after buying lg 4k tv because it doesnt support hotstar app

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