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  1. 0413 is what I use... I'll check my specific webos ver tonight
  2. OK, finally solved it, will explain here in case someone else will have this issue: I switched my TV zone to US and apparently there are different system menus for US, in which, there is a "power sound" option (under accessibility), this option is turned on by default. When I switched back the TV zone to my country, this option disappeared from the menu, and the tv got stuck with that option on. So all I had todo is switch back to zone US, turn off that option, and switch back to my country - all set, no power on/off sound!
  3. @bill456 Thanks for the idea. I have turned off all the CEC features in the TV, it didn't help. Then I disconnected the receiver HDMI cable from the TV and still no luck... Will appreciate more ideas :)
  4. Hi, M y TV (SK8000) started to play a short melody whenever I turn it on/off, I can't find anything in the settings that controls it, any idea how I disable it? It seems to start after I connected an Onkyo receiver to the TV via the HDMI ARC port, but I am not sure. I also entered to the IN_START and EZ_ADJUST menus but didn't change anything... Any ideas? Thx.

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