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  1. Thanks George Hofmeister for the info. Seems HBO and such; should at least make their video's playable in a web browser; as you mention, in HTML5 instead of FLASH. Seems many other devices and TV brands have apps. If I had known, I would have looked at other brands and maybe even chose a non-OLED TV. I was so forward looking to having my first smart TV. I knew there were no apps at the time, but did not realize, or even fathom, I could not watch in a browser either. I did a lot of research on this TV, and thought I covered all the point's; but missed this one. LG really needs to get on board quickly. It stinks sitting here; hoping I can one day, watch these on my new TV. I will say this to LG; burn me once, it's over. If LG does not fix this; but does it for newer TV's only; and not this current one; I will NEVER buy an LG product again, no electronics, no appliances (which I have a clothes washer), nothing form LG ever again.
  2. LG should be pushing hard to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, for apps for WEBOS. It makes your TV's more appealing to buy. I love the picture on my new LG TV; I did not realize there were no apps, and can't play via the browser; VERY DISAPPOINTED in a $2500 TV SET! I don't want pay for these again via Hulu, or Amazon; as I already subscribe to these channels via cable TV; why do I want to pay again! If you can't get the apps, make WEBSOS support Adobe FLASH, so we can watch via the browser! Do SOMETHING please!

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