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  1. Been waiting since Dec. 2017 for the HBO app. Gave up; I don't think they are going to bother. LG keeps saying its up to HBO, and HBO says its up to LG. I went and got a ChromeCast, has all the apps you'll need. I got the ChromeCast Ultra, which can be wired via CAT5 cable, so you don't tie up Wifi. Just plugged it into an empty USB port on the TV.
  2. Thanks George Hofmeister for the info. Seems HBO and such; should at least make their video's playable in a web browser; as you mention, in HTML5 instead of FLASH. Seems many other devices and TV brands have apps. If I had known, I would have looked at other brands and maybe even chose a non-OLED TV. I was so forward looking to having my first smart TV. I knew there were no apps at the time, but did not realize, or even fathom, I could not watch in a browser either. I did a lot of research on this TV, and thought I covered all the point's; but missed this one. LG really needs to get on board quickly. It stinks sitting here; hoping I can one day, watch these on my new TV. I will say this to LG; burn me once, it's over. If LG does not fix this; but does it for newer TV's only; and not this current one; I will NEVER buy an LG product again, no electronics, no appliances (which I have a clothes washer), nothing form LG ever again.
  3. LG should be pushing hard to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, for apps for WEBOS. It makes your TV's more appealing to buy. I love the picture on my new LG TV; I did not realize there were no apps, and can't play via the browser; VERY DISAPPOINTED in a $2500 TV SET! I don't want pay for these again via Hulu, or Amazon; as I already subscribe to these channels via cable TV; why do I want to pay again! If you can't get the apps, make WEBSOS support Adobe FLASH, so we can watch via the browser! Do SOMETHING please!

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