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  1. I’ll tell you what worked for me: go to network, location, change countries, your tv will reboot. Then turn it back to your country and it reboots again. Problem solved.
  2. Most definitely plug stuff into the TV. Also, with a great TV like that and if your going to watch 4K, make sure to have HDMI 2.0 cables
  3. Congrats! You did some solid problem solving! Looks like you found some not easy to find solutions. Hope it stay solid!
  4. Nothing wrong with 2.4. Most new routers are duel band for 2.4 and 5 but unless you are close to the router 2.4 is better.
  5. Make sure you didn’t leave a space after signature. And invisible space will count as a character that won’t be accepted.
  6. I am positive this is because there is too much distance and/or interference in your wifi signal. The most sure way to solve this assuming your TV is located elsewhere than your router is to get a power line duo kit and hook that up to a basic router close to your TV. This is the ideal solution if your TV is on another floor from the router or there are many walls etc in between. Getting a stronger newer router can obviously help as can a decent dual band extender but if you have distance and walls, get a power line duo on Amazon and a 45$ router and set that up in the room of the TV.
  7. How can I add 4K pics to the media file so I can play a loop of 4K pictures?

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