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  1. Most definitely plug stuff into the TV. Also, with a great TV like that and if your going to watch 4K, make sure to have HDMI 2.0 cables
  2. Wi-Fi connection problem

    Congrats! You did some solid problem solving! Looks like you found some not easy to find solutions. Hope it stay solid!
  3. Wi-Fi connection problem

    Nothing wrong with 2.4. Most new routers are duel band for 2.4 and 5 but unless you are close to the router 2.4 is better.
  4. repeated same problem only in lg

    Make sure you didn’t leave a space after signature. And invisible space will count as a character that won’t be accepted.
  5. Wi-Fi connection problem

    I am positive this is because there is too much distance and/or interference in your wifi signal. The most sure way to solve this assuming your TV is located elsewhere than your router is to get a power line duo kit and hook that up to a basic router close to your TV. This is the ideal solution if your TV is on another floor from the router or there are many walls etc in between. Getting a stronger newer router can obviously help as can a decent dual band extender but if you have distance and walls, get a power line duo on Amazon and a 45$ router and set that up in the room of the TV.
  6. 4K photos

    How can I add 4K pics to the media file so I can play a loop of 4K pictures?