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  1. Hello, When I startup my TV I want my channel to always be YouTube. Right now it is HDMI2 and I have nothing on it. Anyway to do this?
  2. Sorry but I have a variety of issues with my LG WebOS and I was wondering how to fix it: 1. Is there any way to set up favorite channels using a computer using my LG account rather than on TV with the remote? 2. When I switch on my TV, it is always set to live tv and since I have no antenna it makes that annoying hissing sound? How can I set it up so that it go straight to Hulu etc.? 3. I find no way to cast Youtube directly from laptop to LG TV without using screen cast?
  3. I have a dual wifi system with one 2.4 GHz frequency and another 5 Ghz. I get close to 30 Mbps on my LG TV on either. But once I switch off the TV and turn it on after 12 hours or so the internet slows down to 0.3 Mbps. The only that works is to reconnect to another network and the speed returns back only to have the same process repeat. Any way to fix this problem?
  4. I have a LG TV with WebOS 3.5. I have used several remote apps like Anymote and LG TV Plus. But none of these apps can send text to any LG app. It doesn't work in Youtube search or email/password fields. Is there any remote that is able to do this?
  5. Hello, I bought a new LG TV. I was wondering how I can add the Smithsonian Channel and Curiosity Streams like I can add to my Roku? Also is there any android app that would let me enter text directly into my LG tv.

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