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Amazon Music - broken or unsupported?



Tried to launch the Amazon Music app on my TV this morning and got this error. This just looks like an expired certificate error, but the app is 1.0.0 and hasn't been updated since release in 2020, so I suspect it's not supported anymore anyway. Anyone have it working on perhaps a newer TV? This one's two or three years old.fbc9c2d28f57d27571b42c4945fd86de.jpg


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8/21/2022 My Amazon Music app also was working but now same errror code on LG OLED55B7A for a couple of weeks.  Amazon Music app working fine on Apple TV on same  LG TV.  I called Amazon Music help 888 208-4331 in Jamaica.  After "consulting" with staff CSR said "keep checking app they know about it and are working on it."  This fail has been on-and-off for some years.  LG or someone with the time should shame Amazon's Bezos for this chronic known end user support fail...😜

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1. Uninstall the Amazon Music app on your TV

2. Clear Amazon Music cache

3. Update the Amazon Music app and your TV software

4. Connect to a stable WiFi

5. Restart you TV or else reset it

6. Log out the Amazon Music app and log in

7. Download Amazon Music offline on TV (This don't need the Amazon Music app for playing on TV if you get the downloaded Amazon Music files by DRmare Amazon Music Downloader.)

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