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  1. hairygityeti66

    Keyboard for LG WebOS smart TV

    I got my wireless keyboard from Currys it has built in mouse pad £25 It works very well with my LG 55" Super Ultra HD TV Made by Logitech K400 Plus TV
  2. hairygityeti66

    WebOS desired apps

    Yes its a big draw back "flash not supported" its all the same all over with LG TV the only way is to have a PC connected to the TV .I would like to see a dedicated PC the size off a DVD Player to go with the LG TVs just for general use which would allow flash players,drag and drop,cut and paste,upload and download,Art programs,media, The TV is still evolving and we can only hope LG and other manufacturers listen to the consumer in the development of 4K and 8K TVs and DVD players, all we can do is shout loud enough that we get heard.
  3. First problem ,bigger hard drive needed maybe an expansion port like a hard drive carriage to plug in new hard drive ,no more " Internet explorer needs to close down to free up more memory space " Second problem , search engine is an old version but can not download new edition Third problem , not all content can be viewed like flash play or even some picture types.......Maybe some designer could come up with a small dedicated media based 4K TV PC ,as a separate product it could cover all these problems and more..... I would like to be able to split screen internet and TV Also i would like a magic remote control that i could just sit in a docking port to charge up as batteries do not last long and an audible sound to find it after the kids have had it and misplaced it. A choice off mood setting or screen saver 4K programs like a log fire,fish tank,the beach,wild life...... What would you like to see added or improved?
  4. I had this problem ,the sound fades then returns to correct volume ,Contact your service provider ask them to check your router for faults, they will and as was in my case reset the router which solved the problem .