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    • By News Reporter
      Advanced Capabilities of LG’s Deep Learning based AI DD Technology Confirmed
      by Respected Third-party Organization

      SEOUL, May 11, 2022 — LG Electronics (LG) announces that the AI technology applied to its upgradable appliance laundry solutions has received AI Algorithm Reproducibility Process Verification from UL, a global safety science leader.* A first for the home appliance industry, the verification confirms the advanced capabilities of LG’s Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology which uses deep learning to detect the types of fabrics being washed, or dried, and select the optimal cycle and settings for each load.
      Performing as advertised, LG’s AI DD is the first AI solution used in a laundry appliance to be validated by UL. The company’s state-of-the-art technology was put through a comprehensive assessment to verify its abilities, with UL measuring several criteria such as the suitability of the ‘learning’ data used by LG and the performance of its algorithm in actual usage.
      LG’s AI DD-equipped laundry solutions provide customers with more convenience and gentle fabric care. The revolutionary AI DD leverages deep learning, a technology that allows computers to think and learn by themselves, to automatically determine the optimal washing pattern for each fabric-type. Detecting the weight and softness of laundry in each load, LG’s intelligent washers and dryers deliver excellent results every time, getting clothes and linen fresh and clean while also reducing fabric damage.
      LG’s differentiated AI technology has also been recognized by various organizations including the Korea Testing Laboratory (AI safety certification) and the Korean Standards Association (AI+ certification).
      This year, LG has taken home appliance innovation even further with the introduction of its upgradable appliance concept. Boosting user convenience and value, LG upgradable appliances can add new features and functions via software and hardware upgrades available through the ThinQ app.
      “Being the first in the industry to have our cutting-edge AI technology validated by UL is a testament to our leadership in the global home appliance market,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “LG will continue to take the customer experience to new heights, and make daily life easier, with innovative home appliances leveraging our latest AI and unique laundry technologies.”
      # # #
      * Verified products are currently available in Korean region only.

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    • By News Reporter
      Highest Quarterly Revenue in Company’s History Reflect
      Strong Demand for Premium LG Home Appliances and Auto Parts

      SEOUL, April 28, 2022 — LG Electronics Inc. (LG) today announced first-quarter 2022 consolidated sales of KRW 21.11 trillion (USD 17.53 billion) – the highest quarterly revenue in company history. Operating profit of KRW 1.88 trillion (USD 1.56 billion) was positively impacted by royalty income, partially offset by a one-time workforce restructuring cost.
      Compared with the first quarter a year ago, revenues grew by 18.5 percent and profitability soared by 6.4 percent, reflecting very strong demand for LG home appliances as consumers around the world continue their focus on healthier living, energy efficiency and home upgrades. The vehicle component business unit’s sales increased driven by higher demand for auto parts as a result of a proactive and preemptive response to shortages of automotive semiconductors.
      The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company generated first-quarter sales of KRW 7.97 trillion (USD 6.62 billion), with operating profit of KRW 447.60 billion (USD 371.68 million). Sales increased 18.8 percent from the same quarter last year, recording the business unit’s highest quarterly revenue. Stable growth was driven largely by strong performance in premium appliances and new categories such as hygiene products applied with steam technology. The appliance business expects to see continued growth by expanding overseas sales in new appliance categories.
      The LG Home Entertainment Company recorded sales of KRW 4.06 trillion (USD 3.38 billion) with an operating profit of KRW 188.40 billion (USD 156.44 million). Sales increased 1.4 percent from the same period a year ago driven by continued demand for premium products including OLED and large-screen TVs in Europe and North America. The business unit expects continued growth by expanding sales of premium TVs including LG OLED TVs, QNED TVs and large-screen TVs.
      The LG Vehicle component Solutions Company achieved first-quarter sales of KRW 1.88 trillion (USD 1.56 billion). The sales increase of 8.5 percent from the same period last year reflected a preemptive response to shortages of automotive semiconductors. The business unit’s first-quarter operating loss is narrowing to KRW 6.30 billion (USD 5.23 million), and the company has implemented better cost management to further improve profitability.
      The LG Business Solutions Company saw improved first-quarter revenues of KRW 2.02 trillion (USD 1.67 billion), an increase of 23.7 percent from a year ago largely on the back of continued demand for products such as monitors and PC products in the beginning of academic season and recovery of the B2B segment, while product competitiveness and operational efficiencies also improved.
      2022 1Q Exchange Rates Explained
      LG Electronics’ unaudited quarterly earnings results are based on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for the three-month period ending March 31, 2022. Amounts in Korean won (KRW) are translated into U.S. dollars (USD) at the average rate of the three-month period of the corresponding quarter — KRW 1,204.26 per USD.
      Earnings Conference and Conference Call
      LG Electronics will hold a Korean / English conference call on April 28, 2022 at 16:00 Korea Standard Time (07:00 GMT/UTC). Conference call participants are instructed to pre-register online to receive a private PIN. To participate in the conference call, dial +82 31 810 3130, enter passcode 6418# and then the PIN. The corresponding presentation file will be available for download at the LG Electronics  before the call.
      # # #

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    • By News Reporter
      SEOUL, Apr. 7, 2022 — LG Electronics Inc. (LG) today announced its preliminary earnings results for the first quarter of 2022.
      LG reported revenues of KRW 21.1 trillion in the first quarter of 2022, 18.5 percent higher than the same quarter the previous year. Operating profit for the first quarter was KRW 1.9 trillion, 6.4 percent higher than the same quarter the previous year.
      These figures are the tentative consolidated earnings based on K-IFRS provided as a service to investors prior to LG Electronics’ final earnings results including net profit. Details regarding each division which will be announced officially later this month.
      # # #

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    • By News Reporter
      Entrepreneurs in Connected Health, Energizing Mobility, Smart Lifestyle, Metaverse
      and Innovation for Impact Sectors Bring Futuristic Concepts to Mainstream in 2022

      SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 10, 2022 — LG Electronics’ North American Innovation Center, LG NOVA, has announced the inaugural “First 50” cohort of startups selected in its large-scale Mission for the Future global challenge competition. Chosen from a group of over 1,300 applicants, the companies represent new developments in the areas of Connected Health, Energizing Mobility, Smart Lifestyle, The Metaverse and Innovation for Impact, and will start to work with the LG NOVA team on their business concepts.
      Selected by LG NOVA’s team of leading emerging technology and entrepreneurial experts, the first official “First 50” group represents innovations in industries that will have the most immediate impact on society now and in the future. Equipped with access to LG global network’s expertise, mentorship and capital, the startups will collaborate with LG NOVA’s incubation team to create a proposal for a joint business with LG and a proof-of-concept project to progress to the next phase of the competition – the selection of 20 companies that LG will fund for in-market pilot programs. As the competition progresses, LG NOVA will select a final group of up to 10 startups in an effort to launch joint business opportunities within the LG ecosystem.
      “These companies represent the top of the diverse pool of innovative ideas and companies who applied to our Mission for the Future challenge to address the challenges facing our community. In these companies, we see great potential opportunities to explore transformative changes that will take our commitment of innovating for a better life to the next phase,” said LG NOVA Head Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, senior vice president for innovation at LG Electronics. “Our work with these companies will be guided by our role as a leading global innovator of next-generation products, technologies and services as we help them accelerate their growth and deliver positive impact to the world.”
      Some examples of innovations from promising entrepreneurs and startups selected among the “First 50” include  development of an early mental health detection and monitoring platform in Connected Health,  solution for assessing, tracking and improving corporate fleet electrification strategies for Energizing Mobility,  work on airborne particulate matter detection for Smart Lifestyle,  development of a children’s education platform for The Metaverse and  machine learning-driven at-home activity detection Innovation for Impact project.
      List of “First 50” companies selected in the Mission for the Future challenge:
      Connected Health
      AcceXible – Platform for the early detection and monitoring of mental conditions through speech analysis.
      Attune Neurosciences – Improves human health and performance with clinically proven, non-invasive neurostimulation products.
      CurieAi, Inc. – Tech-enabled, virtual respiratory care provider that makes it easy to take the unknown and unmanageable out of respiratory illness and give control back to the patients suffering from it.
      LifeNome – Award-winning precision (biology-personalized) health enterprise platform powered by genomics and AI.
      MayaMD – Conversational digital human-AI health assistant.
      medZERO – Employer-sponsored buy now, pay later financial wellness platform that gives employees a smarter way to pay for healthcare.
      Mindset Medical –  Delivers a portfolio of proprietary virtual technologies that advance the full continuum of patient care.
      NousLogic Telehealth – Connective health technology delivering home solutions for wellness, acute care and smart lifestyle services at the point-of-need.
      PyrAmes – Enhances health and wellness through continuous and non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure and other vital signs.
      Selfit – Digital robotic care focusing on the aging population, physical and cognitive health.
      Somatix, Inc. – Artificial intelligence-powered remote patient monitoring wearable technology.
      TRIPP, Inc. – XR wellness platform pioneering innovative health and wellness technologies that deepen connection to self through fully immersive alternate realities.
      XRHealth Virtual Clinic – Integrates VR/AR, licensed clinicians and real-time data analytics.
      Zeit Medical – AI-powered sensing technology for immediate stroke detection at home.
      The Metaverse
      Bigthinx – Artificial intelligence technology focusing on fashion retail, wellness and the metaverse with products for body scanning, digital avatars and virtual fashion.
      BrandXR – No-code AR platform and award-winning XR creative studio.
      ByondXR – Provides retail 3D virtual experiences that are fast, scalable and in line with the latest metaverse technologies.
      echo3D – Cloud platform for 3D/AR/VR that provides tools and network infrastructure to help quickly build and deploy 3D/metaverse apps, games and content.
      EKTO VR – Transforms workforce training by simulating the world’s most complex and hazardous environments with wearable technology.
      HEXA – Unique immersive OS with 3D tech stack to create, manage, display and analyze 3D projects.
      I3M – Provides “experience-as-a-service” for brands to rapidly create and deploy hyper-realistic interactive and immersive metaverse experiences that exponentially increase user engagement and revenue.
      iQ3Connect – Provides a no-code platform to enable enterprises to create, deliver and consume complex 3D enterprise applications in the metaverse in a web browser on any AR, VR or 2D device.
      Kabuni– Metaverse education platform focused on providing the safest place in the metaverse for kids to explore, learn and grow, both within a classroom environment and at home.
      NeuroTrainer, Inc. – Virtual reality brain training company that helps reclaim focus in an increasingly distracted world.
      Snickerdoodle Labs –Uses blockchain to build agnostic data-sharing layer that enables individuals to control and even monetize their personal data through a tokenized data architecture.
      swIDch – Provides secure, next-generation authentication for every digital identity environment, even off-the-network.
      Xplorit Virtual Travel – Real-world metaverse platform that offers experiential virtual travel and immersive storytelling experiences.
      YBVR – Virtual reality technology that brings live event emotions closer to fans through personalized, immersive and interactive experiences.
      Energizing Mobility
      BeChained Artificial Intelligence Technologies SL – Smart energy platform for reducing production energy cost and decarbonizing the energy system.
      Driivz – Global provider of EV charging and energy management software platform.
      DUCKT – Universal charging infrastructure solution dedicated to micromobility vehicles: bikes, e-bikes and scooters.
      Eatron Technologies – Intelligent production-ready software solution for the automotive industry and mobility.
      EVE – Electric Vehicle Ecosystem – E-mobility analytics solution for assessing, tracking and improving corporate fleet electrification strategies.
      Faction – Unique approach to driverless technology and light electric vehicles that will dramatically impact how goods and people are moved.
      I-EMS Group, Ltd. – AI, blockchain and optimization-based software solutions provider for smart cities, smart homes and e-mobility.
      MET3R – Unique smart charging and energy storage services to bridge the gap between electric mobility and the smart grid to support the decarbonization of the energy sector.
      SparkCharge – Affordable and convenient way for all-electric vehicle owners to charge their EVs at home or on the go.
      Smart Lifestyle
      AirSpeQ – Provides sensors for fine and ultrafine airborne particulate matter (PM) detection and monitoring.
      allt – Brings together the world of entertainment and engagement by connecting apps on phones and devices in the home to movies, shows and music.
      Chefling – State-of-the-art smart kitchen solution for planning, shopping and cooking for smart appliances and connected health applications.
      Everykey – Universal smart key that unlocks phones, laptops, tablets, websites and other devices and applications based on proximity.
      Fast Sense H2 – Nano-sized quantitative, mixed gas sensor and analyzer for industrial, environmental and security applications.
      Food Haven – Online platform dedicated to reducing food waste by partnering with local food businesses to sell surplus food at discounted prices.
      Roving Blue – Develops products featuring Power of EO3®, a new way to dissolve ozone into the water, to kill unwanted microorganisms in water, foods and surfaces.
      Tanvas, Inc. – Haptics innovation company pioneering multi-touch surface haptic technologies for automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.
      Innovation for Impact
      A.kin AI – Virtual assistant technology to support daily living activities for people living with disability and neurodiversity.
      Alteria Automation Smart Sensor – Advanced IoT technology that monitors air quality providing traceability on the cloud and automated actions to building management systems.
      Digbi Health – Gut microbiome, genetic-based virtual care platform to equitably treat polychronic mental and physical illnesses.
      Jara – Ensures K-12 students and teachers in low-connectivity/low-electricity communities globally can access distance learning anytime, anywhere, through the Jara Unit – an award-winning off-grid charging education solution.
      Hygge Power – Ensures everyone is comfortably powered with clean, reliable energy through proprietary software that accelerates electricity decarbonization and empowers renters, homeowners and businesses.
      Sanctuary – Creates technology applications for Activated Experiential Environments.
      Sovrinti – Provides machine learning-driven activity change detection for healthy aging and person-centered care in the comfort and privacy of home.
      For descriptions of the First 50 companies, visit . Learn more about LG NOVA at 
      # # #

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    • By Spirto
      Hi all,
      So I'm trying to watch Eurosport player via the LG WebOS browser. When I put the stream I'm watching to full screen the bottom bar (with start/pause, volume, full screen etc. options) goes away for a couple of seconds and when the censor disappears it comes back and stays on. It's really annoying.
      I have been watching Eurosport like this before and never had this issue. Wondering if it's something to do with the new update?
      Many thanks for your time.

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