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The Oldest Washing Machine in the Country

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After the house and the car, home appliances are usually the next most expensive item consumers buy. Because of its cost, the lifespan of an appliance is one of the most important factors consumers take into consideration when making a purchase. Just as important is reliabililty because a refrigerator breaking down has far greater consequences than a TV that needs repairing. With this in mind, the LG team in Peru introduced a unique contest last month called The Oldest Washer in Peru to demonstrate the exceptional durability of LG washing machines through real life examples.


More than a thousand LG washing machine owners in Peru took part in the campaign, some with machines more than a decade old. But even they didn’t stand a chance next to the ultimate winner: a 1993 Goldstar model belonging to Carmen Mayhua of Lima.


A loyal companion for twenty-eight years and still counting, the washing machine isn’t the only vintage Goldstar product in the Mayhua household – the family also owns a working Goldstar TV that was purchased in the same year as the washer, a demonstration of the quality and durability of LG products. To reward the Mayhuas for their loyalty, LG gifted them a premium, modern LG Top Load Washer featuring TurboWash3D™ Technology.



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and video featuring the story of the Mayhua family and their beloved washing machine has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times with 12 million impressions.


The story of the amazing durability of LG appliances can be seen world-over. In Korea, a 20-year-old Goldstar dryer was returned to LG by its owners as they felt it was a shame to throw away such a great product that still worked well. The lifelong customers said that the dryer was the best appliance they had ever owned.


These marvelous products were made possible thanks to LG’s innovative technology accumulated and developed over many years. The contest in Peru was a great opportunity to prove how reliable and durable LG washers are. Through continuous innovation, LG will continue to introduce even more differentiated home appliances that satisfy the needs of consumers.

Contributed by LG Peru

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