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WiFi issues, drops continuously and sometimes switchs off

Richard Bowden


Recently moved my 49SJ810V to another room where I can no longer cable to the router. It takes nearly 10mins for the WiFi search to find anything. Then sometimes fails to connect with correct login details. Then when it does it drops continuously and never stays for more than a few mins at at time. It even switches of the WiFi altogether!! Everything in my house connects fine and I've even got an even older LG up stairs that needs a WiFi dongle and I've just tried that and it works fine. Looks to me like its the software that is the issue. It has the latest  version installed.  I've done all that's recommended on the LG website. Any ideas?

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I had a similar issue started occur recently with Wi-Fi dropping out, streaming media buffering (I'm on FTTP so shouldn't have been) then after a few days it started switching Wi-Fi off altogether and wouldn't turn back on at all.

I powered off at the plug for 5 minutes, Wi-Fi was fine for 2-3 minutes then dropped and switched off, when switching back on it just wasn't seeing my access point at all.

I factory reset, Wi-Fi was okay, reinstalled apps, halfway through logging into them all, Wi-Fi dropped again. Can't reconnect to it.

I started looking at new TV's from Richer Sounds, and was on the verge of purchasing a slightly larger model when I thought I'd have a look at replacing the network card.

Then...I found a YouTube video that instructed the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Location
  4. LG Services Location
  5. Select another country (it will warn you about losing access to certain services, accept this and TV will reboot)
  6. Go back to the same menu
  7. DISABLE the setting at the top, either called 'Automatically Detect' or 'Set Automatically'
  8. Reselect your correct Country in the list
  9. TV will reboot again
  10. RESULT! Do not re-enable that Detect Automatically setting - this seems to be a very weird bug where that setting is causing the network card to drop out.

Since doing this - no more buffering, no more Wi-Fi dropping or disabling itself, and everything is perfect.

Hope this helps you as it did me!

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