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Google Assistant on G1 series (Singapore)

Marc Yap

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Tried another approach of setting up by asking Google Assistant on my iPad to "set up my device" - couldn't complete as "something went wrong" and left it at that. 

The Google assistant app somehow appeared as a new app this week and the button on the magic finally works to activate Google assistant on the TV.

 Not sure what happened but fingers crossed.  


Has there been a withdrawal of Google Assistant on LG TVs in Singapore?

With language, broadcast country and LG services country set to "Singapore" , pressing the Google Assistant button on the Magic Remote shows a message indicating that the service is not available in my country.  My LG account and Google assistant settings for the same account have their location and set up in Singapore too.

The only (unsatisfactory) workaround is to control the TV indirectly using either my smartphone or connected Sound Bar which have Google Assistant installed.

I've tried switching the region to Australia and I'm able to set up Google Assistant on the TV. But with this I'm of course unable to log into the TV using my LG account given the region difference.

How should the set up be done?



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I am having the same problem in connecting to Google assistant. Apparently this is the latest and top of the line Smart TV model from LG but it is far from  anything smart. LG support is practically non existent here. The TV just shows that Google Assistant and Alexa are not available in the region. My new G165” also shows a weird pink vertical band on the left end of the screen when the content background is supposed to be white. Hoping that these are minor issues that can be updated over software updates. If not, will have to claim warranty already on a 2week old TV!!

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