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  1. Hi, Dlna stoped working on my LG WebOs ThinQ C8 tv. It was workin perfect until the last update on webos 4.x last 2 months. Last time I was able to list Dlna sources after poweroff from ac cable. No problem with dlna servers from the Nas and Kodi. Both are listed over the phone VLC player. Any help to troubleshoot the Tv dlna client?
  2. This was response from LG on January 8 this year for asking when Google assistant will be available in Sweden. Thank you for contacting LG Electronics. We would be grateful if you could rate our service and comment by using the scale in the bottom of this email, thank you in advance. Support for Google Home will be released in an update at the start of this year. Unfortunately, we have no exact release date but rest assured it's coming soon. We hope you found this information useful. For further questions, you are more than welcome to contact us again. Best regards, William D LG Support Nordic LG Electronics Nordics Phone: 0770 54 54 54 Open hours: 08:00 – 18:00 Regular weekdays After reply to LG last month requesting on what is the status. I got no feedback. Shame that spending money for ThinkQ AI cant include simple stuff. Kodi has plenty of advantages and does not cost.

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