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Pause Live TV on OLED65CI

Sam Athans


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I think you are looking for the 'Live Playback' function. Here is a quote from the manual:-


You cannot use a USB stick. Connect a USB HDD with 80 GB or more of total storage.

With the Live Playback function, you can play a programme back for up to two hours depending on remaining USB HDD capacity. This time may vary depending on your region.

  1. 01  Input the USB HDD in the USB port.

  2. 02  Press the ... button on the remote control and select LivePlayback.

  3. 03  The LivePlayback setting confirmation screen appears. Complete the settings and press the OK button.

Maybe this will help.

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17 hours ago, Sam Athans said:

Thanks Noel

Unfotunately after pressing Live Playback nothing happens. My son advised that it may be the HDD so I'll order another and try again.

Thanks for your reply

I use an older 1 TB seagate usb hard disk (see photo) which is powered only by the usb.


Here is a screen shot of my TV showing how my 'on screen' controls look. Note. to bring up this display I press the wheel button on my remote control, (you may have to press a different button).



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9 hours ago, Bob McLean said:

I have an oled 48 lg and cannot pause or rewind live tv . basically there aren't any buttons  on the remote for this,I had a Panasonic before which worked fine with this external HDD.Will a universal remote control cure this?

Without the model number I would only be guessing at what you need to do for your particular TV.

Recording and pausing live TV, which is the same thing really, will only work if you have a proper USB disk device plugged in. I guess this is because the TV does not have enough internal storage to record very much of anything. 

Once you have plugged in your USB disk (with enough storage available) do the following:-

  • Press the Input Device button on your remote. (picture 1) On my remote this a button with a plug picture on it.
  • Keep scrolling down till you get to "All Inputs" and hit the OK button. This will open up a new screen showing all the Active Input devices. (picture 2)
  • Now choose your USB Disk device. Mine is called (Cruzer Slice). Hit the OK button
  • You should now see a screen that allows you to Format the disk (picture 3)
  • Once you have formatted the USB disk - go back to live TV
  • Hit the Down Arrow button on your remote (it may be labelled differently on your TV). This will pop up the Live Recording menu on the bottom left of your TV (picture 4)
  • Scroll across (Right Arrow) to Start Live Playback (picture 4)
  • Hit the OK Button.
  • NOTE. If your USB disk is incapable of recording live TV you will get the message in (picture 5). This means that you can't use this USB thumb drive you need a faster USB disk drive.

If all goes well you should now be setup for recording live TV.







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On 8/29/2021 at 9:40 PM, Noel Walker said:

I use an older 1 TB seagate usb hard disk (see photo) which is powered only by the usb.


Here is a screen shot of my TV showing how my 'on screen' controls look. Note. to bring up this display I press the wheel button on my remote control, (you may have to press a different button).



Excellent advice, works well, there are no buttons, when you press the wheel it brings up an on screen pause play rewind that you navigate with the magic remote pointer 

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This "Live Playback" procedure is a bit of a fiddle compared with simply pressing Pause button as I used to do on the slightly older LG TV remote control.  Was it really worth getting rid of the Pause on the new controller?

However, having fitted the HDD, I find the old controller Pause button works on the new TV!

Maybe LG would allow me to return the new one in exchange for the older version.??


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I have an OLED48C1 TV and was using a (old!) 8GB ScanDisk Cruzer Facet USB stick for both Live TV and recording.  It worked fine, however the limited size was a problem.  I tried replacing that with both Amazon Basics and ScanDisk 128GB USBs - both allowed recording but not live TV.  Tried reformatting but no joy.  Now using an old Samsung Lacie HDD (150GB) and it works fine.  

Seems odd that the old USB stick worked fine but not a new one.  Any ideas?


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