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Too many ads on youtube

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I agree. I look at a 15 minute recording on You Tube and see up to 3 adverts.   I remember when there weren’t any adverts on You Tube. Also back then You Tube did not care in peeps downloade

Exactly, and that's where webos has to develop an adblocker that can be downloaded to manage this. 

On 7/22/2021 at 6:13 PM, David Joseph said:

Since the start of this month using youtube is just hectic after one music its followed by an add, try watching something its like watching a series of ads, kindly add something on the web OS to manage this or if anyone has a solution kindly share 

But you know that YouTube ads have nothing to do with webOS? 

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Just now, Angel Beagle said:

Dollars. You know when you see ads for You Tube the price is 64 dollars.

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Normal yt price is around £12 a month or $15. Where the hell did you took 64 dollars a month? You have plenty of free vpns. Then you just pay around $2 per month for youtube. I can see that this is some master degree math thing for you

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5 hours ago, David Joseph said:

That youtube premium does it work if your are not in india? and if you apply to your account does it synchronize to all devices with the account paid for?

You need to use vpn just to set up an account and add your card. After that you can use it as normal. I’ve been using that last few months and don’t  have any problems. Also you get access to YouTube music ;)


16 hours ago, Angel Beagle said:

The advert reads You Tube.

 its YouTube Tv totally different service like YouTube premium

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