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Webos Emulator v2.0.0 not installing

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I have been trying to install the Emulator for webOS version 2.0.0 from the Component Manager for webOS SDK but the install button turns to waiting and back to install without installing anything other emulator versions install fine
is there a way to get the emulator online or a way to fix this issue ?

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I have the same problem, please can we get LG support in order to solve this issue? We must test the apps in WebOS 2.0 because LG reuse to publish our apps because they said us the app its not working in 2.0 and its impossible to test it in 2.0 without an emulator. 

To LG team: please, can you help to the developer community send us a link here to download the 2.0 emulator or solving the MAC OS LG Component Manager issue in order we can download from there?

In another hand, if any people having the 2.0 emulator from the WebOS MAC OS SDK downloaded, can send it by private message or in this forum (if is possible publish links in the forum), in order help to any people having this kind of problems? 

Thank you very much for your help.


King regards,



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