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How to use Google meet with an LGOLED55C9PLA , plus 2 other questions

Arthur Dent


1-Want to use Google meet, WebOS browser says not compatible, can’t install Firefox, chrome or edge browsers...is there a way to achieve this ?
2-can I use a webcam with a MIC with this TV ?
3- is there a way to disable the update popup reminder ? Don’t want to update as reports of big issues with the latest update thanks

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@Arthur Dent Many users fall into the trap of comparing a smart TV with a PC, and think that they are free to add any browser of choice, and any program (WIN32 executable,  utility, or that horrible word "app") that they please. Unfortunately, a bit like Apple devices, they are VERY locked-down, and you can only install software ("apps") from the official store, in your case, the LG store.

As for a camera, again only certain LG TV's are compatible with an LG camera, and I don't think any "official" ones ares still available. A few LG models had cameras built in, but I don't know which those are.

LG DO show one for a 2011 smart TV (link below), but I doubt it would work on current ones. Your best bet is to use a camera on your PC or Laptop. Laptops with an HDMI out socket can connect to your TV, but I think that a Skype session will look AWFUL on a big TV screen..... just stick to the laptop!

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I think you are correct, silly me thinking that a TV for just under £2000 would be able to do anything more than just watch TV, 🤯 thank God it does that well ( wish I could save the TV settings to a usb pen though, as there are so so many )

maybe an Android based TV would be more flexible, but I went for picture quality over anything else, as that’s what I bought it for...( sound is so so from the internal speaker )

thought I heard that many devices would now integrate and be more flexible, maybe it was just wishful thinking 🤔

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@Arthur Dent I agree with you about the TV sound. Many TV models have "tinny" sound, dues to the space limitations, and use of "Piezo" speakers.

To get better sound and dialogue, you might want to invest in a  good quality Sound Bar (with a centre speaker), or better still an AVR or AV amp. 

Some have extra functionality, like the one below, but a lower end Yamaha like my RX-V385 works fine:

The Yamaha RX-V6A AV Receiver seems to have good specs and reviews, but many do not need all the features (as it is about $AUD 1100 here):
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and MusicCast multi-room audio - Dolby Atmos® with height virtualization,
Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. *Availability varies by region - MusicCast Surround capable - add MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 speakers to create wireless surround sound.
The main thing I wanted a modern AVR for my TV setup, was to concentrate the (sometimes awful) dialoge on films and some TV series, to be intelligible, and this can be done via a variety of settings (although still might not cope with some BBC dramas that suffer from "Mumble-Gate" - Google it to see what was reported). The modern "acting method" of "natural dialogue" is the bain of the Sound Engineer's job, where they dont "project the voice", so a lot is lost to wind noise, and natural background noise, and that damn "incidental music" that some idiot plays over the dialogue.

OK, rant over, but you get the idea - a good Centre Speaker is a must.   

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Read your post to my Wife, she (& myself )  do have extreme difficulty understanding some dialogue, have to sometimes turn on subtitles to see what was said 🤬 don’t need any fancy features, but a good soundbar would be a great idea, any recommendations ? And yes incidental music should be optional.....with all the tech available don’t see why 1, incidental music can’t be switched off 2. Lip sync doesn’t work so so many times 3- signing in programmes should also be optional, very distracting watching someone waving their arms everywhere, we are not all forced to ride around in wheelchairs, because some people, including my Wife need them.....not being harsh, it’s just that technology sometimes doesn’t help & isn’t always our friend 🤯.decided that at least 70% of what’s i

on the internet is false or out of date....and virtually none of it can be corrected. Maybe something like a Wiki editor should be allowed, so that ‘ qualified persons could correct errors......but leaves us open to political correctness manipulation.....there really is no solution......ok that’s MY rant over.....keep safe and well....🙏 we have been shielding since Jan 2020.....my Wife has hardly been out of the front door.....all shopping by home delivery and occasionally a relative.....absolutely manic about antibacing everything.....but so far so good 🙏🙏🙏

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@Arthur Dent Sound Bar: The good thing about sound bars (good ones anyway), is that it is all self-contained, and you have all speakers you need (a 3.1 unit wil get you Left, Centre, Right, and a Subwoofer for those film explosions/effects/low bass sounds, that you can put anywhere in the front sound-stage usually). The slightly negative is that some do not have the "fine" controls you might like to tweak the sound settings to suit your room, your ears, and your listening tastes exactly (compared with a good AV Receiver/AMP).

I see good reviews of this LG one, but if you get one that has a "Clear Voice" setting, or you can use the "clear voice" setting on some LG TV's, that will "carry through" on the HDMI cable to the unit, and get you better dialogue via the centre speaker:

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Having spent almost £2000 on my LGOLED55C9PLA  I had hoped for better sound.....it TV manufacturers can’t get good sound, because of the TV construction , they should offer a good soundbar at cost at the point of sale, the picture is important, but it’s so good to hear what’s being said. I certainly can’t justify £100s on a soundbar, I see them going for up to £3000 that’s crazy.......

just need a basic soundbar, so that dialogue can be heard clearly.....shouldn’t be too difficult, but reviews vary a lot...



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