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LG 43UN70 HDMI Input Names Reset



As the title sort of says, whenever I rename the HDMI inputs on my new TV, they seem to reset at random. Sometime's they've reset when the TV is put on standby mode for several hours. Other times, I've noticed they've reset while the TV is still being used. I always end up renaming them in the morning, and eventually, they've reset themselves back to HDMI 1 (Xbox One X) and HDMI 2 (Elgato Capture). 

Sometimes, only 1 of the names reset. Other times, they both reset.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why the names keep resetting? TV off or on, it doesn't seem to matter. Any help would be great!

Please and thank you!

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The only button to press is "Save" ...it then says settings have been saved, then I exit the Home Dashboard. As far as I can tell, that's all I need to do. This morning, HDMI 1 stayed as Xbox One X, but HDMI 2 had reset itself.

The exact model number 43UN70006LA, purchased from Currys in the UK

link hidden, please login to view

As for firmware, I updated the firmware pretty much as soon as I set the TV up.


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I see it’s not just me that’s having this annoying problem - I name the input (HDMI2 in my case) ‘Sky Q’,  the satellite dish icon shows and saves but the text randomly renames itself ‘DVD Player’ or occasionally ‘blueray’.  It’s really annoying on what is otherwise an excellent TV.

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Just wanted to mention I’m glad I found this post as my TV has been flawless for about two years now it’s a C9 but for some reason this thing has just started resetting the inputs in the last couple of weeks don’t think it’s anything silly like which HDMI ports I’m using as it’s been for this previously and it’s just started to be an issue hopefully LG issues are fixed but I’m hardly changing TVs because of the labels. Poor experience though. 

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So this is nearly a year old! Anyway, not sure if this will help anyone, but the HDMI names resetting only occurs when you unplug the HDMI cable from the TV or the device, then plug it back in.

For some reason, LG failed to incorporate any kind of proper SAVE function to the HDMI settings, resulting in everything being reset when a device is unplugged and plugged back it. I disabled the Auto Device Detect option, or whatever it was called, to see if that helped, but it didn't. The only thing it DID so was prevent the Picture Setting from resetting.

This is a major annoyance, as for some reason, this TV has excessive input lag when playing Forza Horizon 5 on an Xbox One X  (and a Series X according to others) and this lag can only be removed by changing the Picture Setting to GAME or by changing the HDMI input icon to PC. Once you do either one of those, the lag is gone. And this only affects FH5, no other Xbox One game has this issue.

Apparently, you can prevent the HDMI name rest by having the TV in standby BEFORE you unplug anything, but I have yet to test this theory. Kind of pointless for LG to put a SAVE button there, when technically, it does anything BUT save.

This is the only stupid thing about this TV, which is otherwise the best TV I've owned. What a stupid problem. How do we tell LG??

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@PureChaosX Just wondering if there is a "save settings" option in the User Interface for that, so they have "staying power" between standby/off/on states? Scroll down to check.

If  the above is not relevant to your model User Settings interface, see if there is a firmware update  available. I cannot find our exact model LG 43UN70 so please check it is correctly posted. If it is at the latest, report your issue to your local country LG support.

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@PureChaosX What is the Elgato capture device? How old is it, and can it be firmware updated.? If possible, turn off the HDMI-CEC for this device.

If that does not work, and the device is connected via an HDMI cable (rather than a direct plug-in device), ensure that it is a good spec cable, at least 1.4a, preferably 2.0  plus, especially if plugged into an eARC socket.  If not that, try another (spare) socket for that device, to see if any different. If no joy, then place a support call with your local LG country support.

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typo and clarification
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Same issue on my LG OLED55C9PLA (2019) model. It saves the names, but after sometime it will reset back to the default HDMI1, HMDI2, etc. Update to the latest WebOS version for my model, but it keeps happening. I’m using HDMI1 and 3 for my consoles... maybe I should switch to 1 and 2, to see if that changes the behaviour of losing my custom names for my HDMI inputs.

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I have the same issue but I am not physically disconnecting / reconnecting the HDMI cable.

If I switch on the TV by pressing the home button on my SkyQ remote the TV displays a message suggesting that the connected device is not switched on (but it is).  If I switch the TV to standby via the remote and then switch back on the Sky input is shown as expected.  On a number of occasions this also changes the input to either DVD player or Blueray Player despite my previously setting to SkyQ.

Whilst the change of input label is annoying, not displaying the picture on initial switch on is deeply frustrating! 

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Can I ask if the people posting in this thread have all of their devices hooked up directly to the TV, or whether the devices are hooked up to a receiver that in turn is connected to the TV?

I have all my devices hooked up to a receiver with a single HDMI cable running from the receiver's hdmi (arc) output to the LG C1 hdmi 2 (eArc) input. What seems to be happening in my situation is that the TV is renaming its hdmi 2 input if the devices attached to the receiver have hdmi cec turned on. It will even create multiple hdmi 2 inputs, one for each device attached to the receiver that has hdmi cec enabled. For example, there's an hdmi 2 input which, when selected, not only selects the receiver but changes the device to blu ray, another that selects the receiver and changes the device to Apple TV, etc.

And it seems to be naming these multiple hdmi 2 inputs arbitrarily and won’t let me rename them. Further, it won’t let me select just “HDMI 2” and have it return to the receiver with whatever device was previously selected on the receiver. It will only return to the receiver, change the receiver's input to, for example, blu-ray (and even turn on the blu-ray player if necessary!), so that I have to manually change the receiver's input to cable box, if that's what I want to watch. 

The problem seems to go away if I disable hdmi cec on the devices connected to the receiver. New hdmi 2 inputs are created on the TV only for those devices for which cec is enabled. 
I don’t know if this additional detective work helps anyone or not, but hopefully it will save someone some time and perhaps help them solve their issue. 


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I have the same issue with my LG B8 55 (OLED55B8PLA).

After some time TV starts resetting input HDMI names. Not all at once, but step by step.
I'm using 3 inputs: ARC for the soundbar, Apple TV and TV box from internet provider (Vodafone).
Also USB flash drive is always in TV.
I can't figure out the logic behind resetting and I'm sure that this is a bug.

Did someone try to reset the TV to factory settings? Does it help?

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I've found what is cause resetting HDMI input names to default.
It seems it's some kind of a feature of Apple TV 4 and HomeKit.

If you added your TV to Home App it will set its own names for HDMI inputs over CEC protocol.
Here is the reddit topic: 


Removing TV from Home App resolve the issue.

Hope it helps somebody to close the gestalt and set everything to work as intended.
Good luck!

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