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UK Catchup apps, ALL4, itvHub and Demand5


I've just purchased a great looking new 50Nano796. It comes with a number of preinstalled apps such as iPlayer and YouTube. I am in the UK and would like to add the local catchup services which previously I had used on a roku 3. The TV is running WebOS 5.1.0-3203 (not 3.5)  I noticed some discussions and YouTube postings which show these apps, but they do not appear in the LG store. Have they been withdrawn? Or am I screwing up somewhere?

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It is unbelievable that there is still no solution and no apps for ITV and Channel5 in the UK. In this day in age you would think buying a smart TV would grand you access to your local stations, seems

@George Hofmeister Thanks for your thought provoking, and insightful comments on this subject. I was making the (fairly logical) assumption that it was due to a failed deal between LG & Freeview P

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@[email protected] 

I noted from the article below:

link hidden, please login to view

"It's not all good news, though: there's still no update on when (or even if) these 2020 TVs will get ITV Hub, All4 and My5. While iPlayer is clearly the most valued of the UK's catch- up services, many people consider the full suite to be the least that should be expected from a smart TV platform. In fact, LG's 2019 TVs all shipped with all of these apps, thanks to LG's partnership with Freeview Play. One wonders if LG is regretting having not renewed that partnership into this year."

So, it would appear to be a contractual or commercial issue, rather than technical. By being "cheapskates" , LG will suffer in the longer term, by frustrating users. Annoyed/unhappy users usually vote with their feet, and  buy a competing brand!! All manufactures should take note that in this open, competitive market, with online reviews and more savvy users, they cannot afford to take missteps like this.  Listening too much to the "bottom-line" driven accountants, and NOT taking proper advice from technical and development engineering teams, can have a negative effect both on the end product, AND the brand, as we are seeing here (and other forums).

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Hi @td47

By the sounds of your post you are assuming that it is LG paying for the apps to be on the platform, when it just as likely it is the other way around.  Manufacturers of Smart TV and smart devices (such as ROKU) make the bulk of their profits not from the sale of the unit but from licencing deals with content providers.  Both LG and content providers need to make a profit (BBC notwithstanding) so I imagine that the hold up with 2020 TVs has been a case of who flinches first, and then when they have everyone else will fall in line.

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@George Hofmeister Thanks for your thought provoking, and insightful comments on this subject. I was making the (fairly logical) assumption that it was due to a failed deal between LG & Freeview Play, as the article I  quoted from seemed to suggest that. Although, of course unless we are able to get sight of leaked emails and all the negotiation and monetary details (highly unlikely), we will probably nerver get to know what the issue was, or which direction the "royalty money flow" actually was going.  I looked at the article I found below, an article that mentioned the fees that Roku charge for "ease-of-use" direct access buttons (like Netfix and Stan etc), and I had never thought about that. It is quite an innovative "Business Model" that seems very lucrative! Thanks for opening my eyes to this! 🤑

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Thanks for your comments. I am a little surprised that someone from LG have not clarified the situation.  However I have received notification of their new WebOS for 2021 tvs (although noticeably silent on whether this will be rolled out onto 2020 models!) .  For now my workaround has been using a Roku 3 even though it is a relative dinosaur, but has works a treat for years and continues to so. In my world, Roku rocks.  In fact I can use the magic remote and only use the WebOS for Netflix and Prime, although to be honest on many occasions I simply use the Roku for all streaming services.

Stay Safe

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It is unbelievable that there is still no solution and no apps for ITV and Channel5 in the UK. In this day in age you would think buying a smart TV would grand you access to your local stations, seems not. I would avoid buying LG again. Anyone looking for reviews - be aware the TVs are effectively software crippled. And no comment / plan from LG.

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