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LG W8 weird flickering

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This just started to happen. it happens on all inputs / apps / live tv / netflix even on picture test.

its random from time to time.

what should i do? i recently updated , could it be because of the update ? should i try to downgrade or just call LG and try to have the unit replaced


not sure why i cant upload the video , but here is a link : 

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@lgrowhar I assume your W8 is now on Version 05.10.45? I had an intermittent flicker a while ago on an older (not OLED) LG TV, and it turned out that ONE of my HDMI cables was a low spec one. I changed that out for a known 1.4 spec, and it stopped. If you can ensure yours are 2.0 spec (or even 2.1) at a reasonable price, go for those, as it will "future proof" your connections for a while (especially 2.1)!

Just because you might have an old DVD player connected say, don't think it will be OK to use an older low spec cable to connect it to your higher spec TV inputs, as the clock signals and CEC control lines might affect each other, as some data lines may be on a complex data BUS system in the hardware. Clock slew and jitter may affect the way the CPU and firmware handles the high speed data streams.

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