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Skype with LG 55JL9000-ZA



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    • By m571
      It would be nice if we could be able to use any usb hd camera.
    • By rosendo torres
      I spent 100 dollars  on the Skype video camera and now LG says they do not support Skype so What happens to the hundred dollars  I spend for nothing are they going to reimburse me
    • By Yunus Ali
      how to install SKYPE in my LG SMART TV. Already I checked in LG STORE PREMIUM but I cant find SKYPE. Please let me know.
    • By pivotCE
      It’s over.  Skype is dead for webOS.  We reported on the likely eventual death of this
      link hidden, please login to view times. But this time, it’s for real.
      It worked in early June of this year but not long after I got another message from Skype.

      But 12 days later it still worked.

      But by working I only meant that legacy clients like ours and to include Android, Linux, and Apple clients that used their older protocol could still talk to each other but not with the newer clients.
      Then in the middle of August, webOS forum user, mazzinia, noted .  I only noticed it in September…

      You can see some rather confusing entries in when trying to login.  It doesn’t amount to any good sadly.
      If you have a Skype account already added to webOS then your log will look something like this but for those that don’t have a Skype account added to Synergy then you won’t be able to add it anymore.
      Farewell, Skype for webOS.
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