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On 3/16/2019 at 9:31 PM, Lessardrp said:

The UFC have moved to ESPN as their provider. Much of their content is exclusively available on the ESPN/ESPN+ app. It is not available on cable TV or other "live" streaming services. Please provide an ESPN/ESPN+ app. The UFC is very popular.



Yes. Ugh. Please. They dropped the MLB app, no NHL app. Seriously it's becoming a useless smart TV.

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10 hours ago, Brian Wolfman said:

Yes. Ugh. Please. They dropped the MLB app, no NHL app. Seriously it's becoming a useless smart TV.

Apps are generally speaking not written by LG but by the content providers themselves, if an app is dropped or one not available it is OK to badger LG about it but you also need to contact the content providers as well.

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Hey Guys,

So I noticed the same problem and found an ideal workaround. I used the browser feature built in the webos tv and navigated to espn and logged in. I was then able to watch my espn + content.  Yes the website takes some time to load but the video content once your playing it and go to full screen showed 0% lag. Keep in mind I'm using an ethernet connection on the tv and have a 100 mbps connection. The quality was very good as well, 4k. I added a picture.


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It is very shocking that LG doesn't have ESPN + App. So, I do some research and found a workaround that definetly going to work. 

  1. You can buy a streaming device like amazon firestick or Roku to stream ESPN+ on your LG TV.
  2. You can use LG Web browser to watch ESPN + App.
  3. Use your Computer and Laptop and connect with your LG tv with the help of HDMI Cable.

I have personally tested these methods and they work perfectly. so, try and get

link hidden, please login to view

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