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request screen sharing to your tv - Decline unable to connect for screen share

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Hi all, i have 2018 LG webOS TV UK6540ptd , my tv and laptop both connected to same wifi. when i try connect my laptop for screen share this message come up to LG TV. 

request screen sharing to your tv - Decline  unable to connect for screen share

my laptop is windoes 10   64 bit

anyone can help me fix this issue.

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Select "Screen Share" on the main menu then "Delete Pairing History".  The first time you connect it will ask to "Accept" the connection  and stores the  Pairing History  but for some computers the  the second time you try to connect it fails possibly due to the way the Pairing History was stored on the LG TV.   This only occurs for some computers, not others, indicating there may be some issue with the code written to store  Pairing History  on the LG TV so you must delete the Pairing History to get that computer to connect again.  P.S. I work for the company that invented Bluetooth.

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Hi. I have a LG uk6750pld TV and am not able to connect my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g to it. I keep getting the same message "unable to connect to screen share. Please try again.". 

What makes things worse is that any other phone is able to connect to it but mine! 

My wife had an iPhone 7 and was able to connect no bother. And I can't!! 

She has moved to iPhone 13 and STILL manage to connect no bother. 

What the heck is wrong with my phone???😡

Any help appreciated. 


Ps: phone has latest update so has the TV. 

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