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Network error 7

Assem elmurr


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@Assem elmurr 

See this:

link hidden, please login to view

If you are below firmware 05.80.03, then you will not have this useful fix (especially item 3):
1. Improvement regarding Netflix usability have been applied.
2. Addition of satellite channels and feature updates in certain countries. (Russia/CIS country)
3. IPv6 connection feature on/off can be selected from Network/Wired Connection settings. ***
4. also, minor bugs are fixed.

Note that the latest version is 05.80.60 so best to get that version, using the USB stick method, reboot TV,
go to the network settings, and you might find that turning the IPV6 to OFF will fix it up, as most home networks
don't need/use IPV6, IPV4 works just fine (sometimes IPV6, if active, can cause odd technical issues).

Are you using the inbuilt WiFi dongle, or a direct LAN cable connection from your router by the way, or those IP over mains power plugs with LAN cables? If the latter, some are glitchy and need re-pairing often, and do NOT like going into those multi socket strips. To be sure all is well if LAN connected,try a laptop on the network cable used for the TV, to be sure it works, before messing with the TV settings.

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