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upgrade webOs 3.3.3 to WebOs 3.5

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4 hours ago, nemilose said:

In that case it is a WebOS 3.0 revision. To the best of my knowledge it will not be upgraded to 3.5 or higher. I think it is due to hardware differences between the chipsets.

 Sounds logical, although I wish It was not so and was able to be upgraded.

 Do you perhaps know what should be the  available internal storage? Mine is only 0.15/0.62GP?





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Thanks for the info.

LG's  memory management is weird to say the least. That is why I suppose the browser switches off while streaming movies and says it has run out of memory even if you've deleted the History and Cache.

Why offer the feature if they can't provide enough memory? You can't delete apps either to free up space that you don't want.

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