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vhs blank scree



Hi all we have a 50inch LG smart tv with Web os.

Connected a VHS Tape player to our tv with the scart (only one scart on tv) and most of time we only hear sound, no picture. sometimes the picture appears and then goes again.

Similarly when the tape isn't playing and you are in the On screen menu on the VCR then no pic is shown. It knows its connected because when you unplug the scart it says no input .

This VCR plays fine on all our families other TVs fine including 3 Panasonics flatscreens and an LG Plasma about 6 years old.

tried it with another VCR and its still the same problem

Plugged a DVD player in and its ok.

anyone else seen this..

Confused.com !!!




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      LG Smart LED TVs that turn on for a second, show the LG logo, then a black screen ensues.

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      Also, I visually looked at the mainboard for faulty caps (leaky or busted cans). Nothing visible. I have read that there is a power diode that could be bad. I did a diode check on all diodes near the "blue rectangular component" (possibly a relay?) None of the diodes showed an open circuit or an infinite voltage.
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