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No sound out via HDMI ARC



I have an LG 55SJ810V TV and Philips CSS5530B Surround Sound Speakers. The speakers work fine with everything except my LG ARC, including optical and BT from the LG and the ARC from a JVC TV, but I just can't get them to work off the ARC from my LG TV.  

I have played around for hours with the TV settings. The Sound Out is set to External (Optical/HDMI ARC), although it often returns to default internal speakers. I've tried it with SIMPLINK on and off and the mode as Auto and PCM. Nothing sticks. I say sticks because I've had it working for a few seconds a couple of times, then it just goes off. E.g when switching cables from my JVC ARC to my LG ARC it worked for a few seconds.

I've tried the Device Connector a few times, using either the Soundbar or Home Theatre set up. I've tried this after resetting the TV back to factory settings too. Nothing.

LG customer services didn't seem too helpful and said a technician would call but if they do they're not quick!

Any ideas would be much appreciated, otherwise it's going back for another brand because the twin tuner feature doesn't work as expected either (can't record one and watch another).

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Thanks oldfogey. Before I give it a go, can I just check the exact procedure that works for you? Is it...

1. Both units are on - what is the Philips input set to?

2. Switch TV sound to "Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)"?

3. Remove power to Philips - not just standby?

4. Switch Philips back on. Doesn't it remember the last input setting?

5. Wait for Philips to automatically detect ARC from TV - doesn't the TV switch back to Internal Speakers?

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5 hours ago, oldfogey said:

I have a similar LG TV / Phillips surround combo. It's very annoying but I can restart the Phillips and then the two begin cooperating again. I don' t set the input mode on the Phillips as the HDMI-ARC  connection will set itself after restart.

I've just tried that in various ways but, still no ARC from TV to speakers.

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