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YouTube won't update, now cannot run it



My TV is a 55UB850T purchased Nov 2014.  About a week ago it said YouTube needed to update, so would jump to LG Store where I would select Update, but this would fail, so then I would choose Launch and we could keep going.  After a few days it changed so that as it jumped to LG Store, it showed the flash screen of the store and now sticks there.  We cannot attempt an update and cannot launch.  So I have lost YouTube.

I have done a factory reset, but still the same.

Anyone suggestions of what I can try?

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Thanks for your reply.  I don't know how to delete an app.  I have the LG magic remote, so there are not many buttons.  I can go to the on-screen button for the YouTube app and move it around in the ribbon across the bottom of the screen or click on it to open it.  I just tried the color buttons to see if they do anything - no luck.

From further playing around I now can say that the LG Store is unable to update any existing app and also cannot install any new app.  The progress bar shows 5% or so, then stops and says Temporary error.  So it seems like a network error but when I go to Settings > Network > Wired Connection - it reports the Connection as OK.  I have tried changing to manual network settings and then choosing Google DNS - but no difference.  Then I have disconnected the wired connection and established WiFi but still LG Store behaves the same.

Are there other ways to check that the network connection for the TV is OK?  I am beginning to wonder if there actually could be a hardware problem.

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To delete an app press the "home" button on your remote. The icons for all your apps show up at the bottom of the screen.  Press the right arrow repeatedly until you see the pencil at the far right. Select the pencil icon and you enter the edit mode. Move the cursor back to the left and stop on the YouTube application. You should see an "X" over the youtube icon, select this "x" to delete the app.

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20 hours ago, mpholic said:

To delete an app press the "home" button on your remote. The icons for all your apps show up at the bottom of the screen.  Press the right arrow repeatedly until you see the pencil at the far right. Select the pencil icon and you enter the edit mode. Move the cursor back to the left and stop on the YouTube application. You should see an "X" over the youtube icon, select this "x" to delete the app.

Thanks for this info.  I tried it but  I don't get to see a pencil icon.  However, because of another comment I decided not to delete YouTube, so not a problem for now.


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18 hours ago, rsuprayogi said:

Hi Thank you for the information. I tried to change my internet connection and it worked. Seemed the other internet connection is not stable so it prevent update and download even youtube is working fine. Not sure why but I had manage it. Thanks again.

Thanks.  I pondered this and realized I could try using my Android tablet as a hot-spot  and in this way get a different Internet Connection.  And guess what, it worked after several tries and the LG Store updated the YouTube app.  Then I reverted to my usual ISP connection and the updated YouTube is working fine, playng HD content for hours without a hicup - so I think this shows my Internet connection is OK.   On my usual ISP the LG Store still refuses to install new apps, but at least I now have a work around.  So, once again, thanks rsuprayogi

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8 hours ago, mpholic said:

Sounds like there is some kind of security protocol active on your regular ISP modem or router. Glad you got it working.

Yes, my ISP is the major Indonesian telco and they do things like hijack the DNS and insert ads onto web pages, so some of their interference may be behind the current pain.  On reflection I suspect the problem arrived with a WebOS update that occurred in early June.  But I did not notice it immediately until YouTube decided it needed to update and this invoked LG store.  To get the next WebOS update whenever it is, I may need to use the alternative Internet connection, then hopefully that will fix it.

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