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WebOS3 remote control responsiveness


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I just got a new TV with WebOS 3 and I would like to mention one thing that really annoys me about it. It is the reaction of the interface to key presses on the remote control. On my previous TV with WebOS 2, responsiveness wan't exactly great either, but on the new one it is so bad that I consider returning it. 

It drops key presses so often that navigating apps isn't fun at all. It feels like the OS considers a key press more like a friendly suggestion to do something instead of a command. Anyone else notices this also? Can it be fixed?

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Hi omgold,

I have had my webOS TV since the middle of December 2016 and cannot say I have seen a problem with my remote control and the navigation around the various interfaces. 

However, I would say that I find the remote too small with the buttons themselves small, fiddly and too closely spaced for my big mitts.

My kit:  LG webOS (04.30.40) TV UH650V with AKB74915324 remote control

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3 minutes ago, George Hofmeister said:

I have had my webOS TV since the middle of December 2016 and cannot say I have seen a problem with my remote control and the navigation around the various interfaces. 

Very interesting. I would have guessed it is a universal problem, not an issue with the specific piece I own.

I found a quite interesting workaround, though. I connected a wireless keyboard to the USB port and use that now for controlling the TV. The result concerning key press responsiveness and reliability is absolutely impressive. No lost key pressed at all and (guessing) at least 5 times faster responses. After trying that out I can't imagine why anyone (who knows about that option) would still choose to use the crappy remote.

Of course it has the drawback that not all remote control keys are directly mapped to PC keyboard keys. Particularly annoying is the Amazon app, which makes heavy use of the 'color' keys, which seem not to be reachable at all via PC keyboard. Also text input for the Amazon app (like for the search function) doesn't accept PC keyboard letter keys. This seems to be a Amazon-specific problem, though.

What I wish from the OS itself now, would be to map the missing remote keys to PC keyboard also. Preferably allowing for used-defined mappings.

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