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How to disable update reminder?



Hi everyone, I'm Chloe and I just signed up. I'll cut straight to the chase. I'm currently using the LG TV (webos 3.0) of a friend while she's away for a few months and I constantly get prompted to update the firmware. She says she's never updated it as she doesn't care and everything was working fine anyway, and told me to just disregard it. So, I'm not gonna do it, but that reminder is doing my head in as it pops up every time I turn the TV back on.

Since I couldn't find anything in settings to turn it off, last month I blocked a bunch of addresses at router level and it did work for several weeks, as I wouldn't get the reminder any longer.

Here's what I blocked after sniffing out addresses that the TV checked out right before the reminder appeared:

link hidden, please login to view

Now, the message has started popping up again over the past few days. Yesterday I tried adding a bunch of other addresses, but no dice.

Do you have any suggestions about how to definitely kill that reminder once and for all? Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue and my conclusion is to not buy LG TVs anymore 🙂.

I deserve the right to not update my TV if I choose so. I’ve read that this update has caused issues for many users. Since there’s no info coming from LG, not even a changelog, I have no reasons to think I need this update.

There’s a setting to disable automatic updates, but it does not get rid of the notification. It’s extremely annoying.

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A [language removed] TV does not need to update, it's just a way for them to spy on what you watch and what your habits are. My suggestion don't connect the TV to the internet at all and use a Roku, Chromecast or Firestick to do the smart functions, A TV should just be a display. [language removed] LG especially.


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LG 42LB700V tv working but not corresponding to all the commands remote and intergrated except the volume and channel change. Also presents from time to time a yellow screen with a square sign at the center for two minutes. This comes as a crawl from left to right, or like an advert. and disappears the same way after two minutes, while the underlying sound goes on uninterrupted. Cant go into menu for setting controls. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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I had my living room renovated and my LG TV was off for a few months. When I turned it back on after the reno and the upgrade prompt appeared. Sure, I said Yes.  THEN my LG TV got COVID and I had to call the TV doctor for repairs.  Due to the upgrade, the power board went out. The TV repair doctor said this happens often in LG TVs. I too will not upgrade again. TV Repair Doc told me to ignore. What can we do to stop the updates? Every time I turn the TV on I’m asked. 

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