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  1. I am interested in this as well. Did you find out anything about it after all?
  2. Nothing guys? Perhaps there is a secret menu where update checks can be disabled or something along those lines?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Chloe and I just signed up. I'll cut straight to the chase. I'm currently using the LG TV (webos 3.0) of a friend while she's away for a few months and I constantly get prompted to update the firmware. She says she's never updated it as she doesn't care and everything was working fine anyway, and told me to just disregard it. So, I'm not gonna do it, but that reminder is doing my head in as it pops up every time I turn the TV back on. Since I couldn't find anything in settings to turn it off, last month I blocked a bunch of addresses at router level and it did work for several weeks, as I wouldn't get the reminder any longer. Here's what I blocked after sniffing out addresses that the TV checked out right before the reminder appeared: http://snu.lge.com/ http://su.lge.com/ http://lgtvonline.lge.com/ Now, the message has started popping up again over the past few days. Yesterday I tried adding a bunch of other addresses, but no dice. Do you have any suggestions about how to definitely kill that reminder once and for all? Thanks in advance.
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