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  1. Da Zone (DAZN) is a new player in sports TV business providing a netflix-style subscription for live sports. Currently available in DE, AT, CH and JP. Surprised that the LG App was available before Playstation 4 an AppleTV was/is available. Tried this app recently. Works OK, if DAZN wouldn't have massive problems with the stream infrastructure sometimes. Most annoying is that if you start a stream it runs >30s on lowest quality, switching to best afterwards all at once. The player lacks switching seemlessly between mid-range qualities. Anybody else tried it out? They do broadcast NFL Red Zone!
  2. I've made my own test about a month ago with DVB-T2. First try didn't work because I was using the roof antenna (no T2-channels found, T(1)-channels yes). So I've built my own antenna using a coax-cable. Worked. Found all DVB-T2 channels in southern Bavaria, could watch the free channels, for the encrypted ones I didn't hava a smartcard. Tested for 2hours with no problems using a LG 49UF850V (similar to 49UF8509)
  3. Hello, with the version of 2015-11-19 i successfully could sort all my DVB-S/C/T channels on my 49UF850V. Don't know if this applies to your model, too. I do remember that I had to scan all frequencies again WITHOUT predefined channel-lists or localisation settings. After that I could edit, save and transfer data easily to TV.
  4. I assume you have not used a HDD with NO sensitive data (or empty) on it. Mistake #1. For the future: always assume that the device will be formatted and all data will be lost if you connect a storage to a new device. Always backup your data before this step. In your case, try to recover your data using one or all of the following tools (all windows): Autopsy PhotoRec Recuva Good luck!
  5. Depending on your location you may be able to solve this with a Smart-TV-App. There are some IPTV-apps in the LG Content Store. Give them a try. You may find your desired channel watching the live stream through the app. Or you solve it using a Plex Server. In Content Store there is an app called XPlay but don't know how good it works. Don't forget to post your success.
  6. Sorry to hear. LG has such a bad support. If I knew before I may have gone with another brand. Let's hope, that's the thing we got left.
  7. That's a shame there is not the button. Never tried vioce commands. Wish you luck!
  8. So what is your experience since the "Probebetrieb" has started on May 31, 2016?
  9. Model: 49UF850V and technically capable of receiving the recently started DVB-T2 service in Germany (device has a DVB-T2 tuner AND supports H.265). Firmware is 04.00.70. Location is Munich city center Problem: no new T2-channels are found in channel search. The "old" DVB-T channels are found and work like expected. Please fix this ASAP, LG. Otherwise, "Life is bad".
  10. The quickest way is to push the "list" button on remote. In the appearing onscreen menu you select the red P-icon (program modus) and change your tuner.
  11. webOS just uses DVB-EPG data which is poor and drives scheduled recordings useless. Please implement a proper EPG-webservice which provides editorial processed EPG-data bought from a proper EPG service provider. This request is for German EPG-data but may be also relevant for the rest of the world. Developments of new features have stalled dramatically since the release of webOS 1.0. Please work on making the OS seriously better.
  12. Yes, there is a quicker way. In case you use a Magic Remote: there is a special button above the settings button. Push it and a onscreen-popup will appear. From there you can change the audio output directly. Don't know if this button exist with the standard remote. Another option may be the use of the voice control feature or the LG remote app for your smartphone. Haven't checked this but may be worth a try for you.
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