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Adobe Flash player plugin not supported.

Sarala T

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  Recently 4days back i've purchased LG 43770T but i've come to know when i'm surfing in web adobe flash player plug in not installed when i'm trying to install the same from internet it is not possible reply message from system adobe flash player doesn't support.



  Please fix the adobe flash player plug in which will be more better useful for online gaming etc.

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Nobody gives a crap about flash, as long as the primary content providers support html5, but they don't or the web browser is not properly identifying itself to tell the server to use html5.

Specifically xfinity go. In either case, we is needs to fix it. Slow is better than nothing. This is the only thing that keeps me from dedicating a pc to my TV. When you pay $6000 for a TV, they can afford to put a decent CPU chip in there !! I will even buy a couple upgrade for this tv if that is what it takes. It is too easy for someone like you to dismiss someone else's problem.

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Flash is an archaic platform for delivering video, its full of security holes and is inherently CPU intensive as all of its rendering is done in software unless it detects specific hardware decoders Apple dropped it years ago for that very reason, do you honestly think a smart tv manufacturer is going to put flash supported hardware into a smart tv, when the computer industry is dropping it globally ? ......You've bought a smart tv not a high end graphics processor regardless of what you paid for it, The cpu and gpu in your smart tv is optimized for the TV experience and not backwards support for dying video technology that is 20 years old !!!! Its not supported for that very reason, although by the looks of it you'd be happy with 2 frames per second and a TV that grinds to a halt while it tries to render a video for you, each to their own......I think its safe to say you'll never see flash on your TV

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I solved the problem with a $99 Windows 10 dongle by Lenovo.

It works great and all the Windows 10 browsers support flash, even though it is going away. Just because something is obsolete, does not mean a product can ignore all the legacy sites. This TV's processor should be able to handle flash, it is not a speed issue, unless they are using 5 year old technology for their processor.


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