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How to update firmware





I have LG tv with webos 04.00.40. Model 40UF7787-ZA


In lg.com

link hidden, please login to view


I see new version 04.20.50. When I download this file, unzip, place in my USB key fordel, named LG_DTV,  nothing happens on tv.


TV won`t update from USB key, or from automatic update. Why? Can You help me.

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I have the same model as you - 55UF7787-ZA. Today I've also got update to 04.00.70

If you look at the LG website you won't even find this firmware version. Only the two you've mentioned in your first post. So dont expect much from the website :)

I also tried earlier to update to 04.20.50 via USB and it also didn't work. It relly anoyed me. Later on I've found on the lg's software page that there is a link "View More" below firmware download link, and when you click it you can see the list of all supported models.

And for some (probably stupid) reason our model is not listed there. Pay attention to the last two letters of the model - "ZA" - that one you wont find in the list. But if you look under 04.00.40 - you will find our model.

And now everybody is getting 05.00.50... It seems that we were wront to buy this model....

By the way, can you see the Netflix app in the app store?

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Hello, Sasa,


no, I don`t have Netflix. In my other LG model netflix installed automatically. But I do`n need netflix because I like watching only new cinema movies and not in english.


Do You like this TV? It very slow.. And I see frames when watching fast video.


Maybe we can change model letters from "ZA" (South Africa) to "UK"?

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If you asked me this 2-3yr ago I would say yes I like it. But know, I do not like it at all - as I had different expectations when I was buying it. The the reviews said that 2015 models have much faster procesors and superior screens. And what I've seen is slow menus and channel switching, as well as some stupid bugs / issues. Not to speak about completly bad customer support (site is just...), bad built quality (I've noticed that the panel is moving when applying minimal pressure to clean the dust), missing app support and strange firmware update cycles. I wouldn't buy it again...

I did not know that "ZA" stands for South Africa. I live in Montenegro - in West Balkans, so its quite strange to me. Maybe the TV fell of the truck and right into the retailers store :) it isn't unlikely in my country :(

Only way that I know to switch the model is to return it. In my country it is not possible to return something you purchased unless it is malfunctioning. Maybe it could be forc flashed with some other firmware - but it's a gamble I am not prepare to take :)

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What can I say about this model: Very slow. Slow channel swiching. Bad picture: I see frames in fast videos. Remote control not comfortable. Don`t remember my audio language channel choise (every time when I switch channel, need to swich audio). UHD playing is horrible. It`s last time when I buy LG. I live in Lithuania.

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Yes quite slow. Quite bad picture. You can improve it a bit by selecting Expert picture mode and messing around with additional settings, but this is limited. You can't make bad thing look good - only a bit better :)

I don't have the issue you mentioned. In settings there is an option to select first and second default audio language. Did you try that?

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