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    How to update firmware

    I go to settings, channels > multi audio> select the second channel. Then I switch channel and back - my selection not remembered.. There are 4 choices to select audio: Nicam Dual 1 Nicam dual 2 Nicam dual 1+2 Mono I need Nicam dual 2
  2. unicalus

    How to update firmware

    What can I say about this model: Very slow. Slow channel swiching. Bad picture: I see frames in fast videos. Remote control not comfortable. Don`t remember my audio language channel choise (every time when I switch channel, need to swich audio). UHD playing is horrible. It`s last time when I buy LG. I live in Lithuania.
  3. unicalus

    How to update firmware

    Hello, Sasa, no, I don`t have Netflix. In my other LG model netflix installed automatically. But I do`n need netflix because I like watching only new cinema movies and not in english. Do You like this TV? It very slow.. And I see frames when watching fast video. Maybe we can change model letters from "ZA" (South Africa) to "UK"?
  4. unicalus

    How to update firmware

    After week LG automaticaly updates my TV to 04.00.70 version.
  5. Hello, I have LG tv with webos 04.00.40. Model 40UF7787-ZA In lg.com http://www.lg.com/lt/lgecs.downloadFile.ldwf?DOC_ID=20150109236191&what=MANUAL&fromSystem=LG.COM&fileId=AeJleNyzsAnPZVcfQ62ZvA&ORIGINAL_NAME_b1_a1=Software_File_%28Version_04.20.50%29.zip I see new version 04.20.50. When I download this file, unzip, place in my USB key fordel, named LG_DTV, nothing happens on tv. TV won`t update from USB key, or from automatic update. Why? Can You help me.
  6. Hallo, LG WebOs. Model 40UF7787. When I change channel - my choise of audio channel dissapear. Every time when I change channel, I need to go to change audio language.
  7. unicalus

    TV WebOS Sucks

    WebOs very BAD. I have new UHD tv 40UF7787 and it very slow. Change channel - 2-3 seconds. Don`t remember my choise: audio language in cable tv. I need every time when change channel, change audio language (every channel have two audio languages in cable tv). Very slow TV Guide. Very slow to launch movie on USB. Everything very slow!!! My tv not cheap - 40" - 699 EUR. I have older Samsung smart tv - it very fast to compare with LG. I am very angry on LG!!!