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x265 videos do not play via SmartShare DLNA!


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This is absolutely critical given that x265 will become more and more popular, not to mention a lot of native 4K content is available in this format. What is the point of having a TV that can accept x265 format over USB and not over Wireless?

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another plus one.


In fact, this is the main reason I purchased this TV as I'm a 4K content creator and I want to display client content over my local network.


I have contacted LG about this and not only will they not commit to a date when this will be done, they won't even commit to fixing it all. Ever.


I'm just about to return by £2k+ 55" LG OLED TV for this reason. OK and others. Apart from the picture quality, which is without doubt superb, it's just not very good compared to high end Samsung products.


For example:- single tuner only, no ITV Player or 4OD, only 3 HDMI ports oh but that's OK because you get SCART - SCART! it's 2016, who the hell wants SCART in 2016, stupid connector location (while I'm in rant mode), un-intuitive  cartoon operating system, which is fine if you like un-intuitive cartoon operating systems.  I don't.  etc, etc


So in summary, not Lucky, no Goldstar then. My first and last LG purchase. I really should have known better, although I didn't see any of this in all the glowing reviews I read before purchase.

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