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  1. At the moment LG WebOS TV covertly send to LG server all the actions we take on the webOS TV, the channels we watch, the videos we watch. Potentially they can also record what we say in the room via the remote and what happens, if we attach a camera to our TV. We can OPT OUT if we do not tick the box that we agree to it, but if we do the software will deactivate all of the smart functions, which means we no longer have a Smart TV. I want LG to STOP collecting my viewing habits which is an ILLEGAL practice and to allow us to OPT OUT without removing Smart TV capabilities. Thank you.
  2. Forgot to mention that in general 4k videos, 2160p are encoded using x265, as per my message above.
  3. It does support mkv, avi, mp4 video file container with VIDEO/AUDIO standards x264, AC3, AAC, DTS via USB and DLNA, and x265 video format only on USB drive. I hope they will support x265 via DLNA too soon because it is a pain having to copy a video to USB and then plug it into the TV when we have all medias on our network drives
  4. If nobody from LG would be on this forum and especially this topic it would be a total waste of time given that the OS is closed source. Also, given the forum name, as user we would be mislead, which has legal implications.
  5. I would like to be able to mount NFS shares (and possibly SAMBA/Windows shares, but these would be too slow to play HD videos ...) so that I can play videos directly without depending on a DLNA server. This is because the DLNA implemented by LG WebOS is still too primitive and does not allow to play x265 videos.
  6. I would like to be able to list the available video/music/pictures showing the full file name without a thumbnail preview. At the moment only a part of the file name is shown because of the thumbnail (which is useless for music and videos) and it takes ages for it to scroll on the screen so that I can read the whole name. I would prefer to have a detailed file list where I can read the full file name without thumbnails which means I would be able to see also more files in one page. Thank you!
  7. I want x265 encoded videos to play via DLNA. At the moment I can play them only if I copy them to a USB drive and I attach the drive directly to the TV which is a really poor user experience.
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