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LG Full HD Smart LED TV 43LF630T - How To use DLNA feature ?



HI I am new to forum & new to LG Tv as well

i Just bought my LG tv few days back and trying to play my laptop data on my LG tv..... my tv & laptop are connect with the same router. I have installed Nero Media Home / Plex / Serviio these software on my laptop but my device not showing in Smart Share as described on LG page. also now showing on these software.

So want to know is there anything i am missing or is my tv support this feature on wifi network?



Thanks in Advance :)

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Hi Newbie,  if you're using Plex Media server on your laptop, and you have the LG app for Plex (which I gather isn't available in WebOS2.x) then it should auto detect it, tbh I can't remember if I needed to login, though I do remember some months back you had to be a Plex Plus subscriber for the LG app to work, that might have changed though allowing non-paying Plex users to access it.  The DLNA features should similar just work if it is enabled on your media server... I know Plex has a DLNA toggle that you need switched to on in the settings....


If you can confirm what version of WebOS you have that might help in getting a better/clearer response.  I'll assume its WebOS2.x given you just got it, but just to be sure can you confirm?

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yes this is Web Os 2.xx something can't tell you exact version because i am not near my tv right now.

but want to tell before Plex i have also used some other media server software but they are now showing my tv in their list &  my device also not showing in TV smart share service as well.


I am on a sharing networking is this make difference ? well i don't think so because my server software is detecting someones Samsung TV in list but my TV is not showing on server software also on my device now showing in my TV as well.


I have also ping my tv IP from my laptop & its giving proper response

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HI just one more thing notices today whenever i connected my laptop display using wifi with my TV and after screen mirroring started i minimize that app & open SmartShare services & found that now my device is showing there in External Memory & also my laptop also finding my TV but in this way I would not be able to play anything because if i would try to connect two services at one time.... So just found that if i connect my laptop in any way wireless not for second screen then this option will work :0 Any Idea abt this that i can connect my laptop with TV using wifi

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If you're talking about a laptop rather than a NAS, i'm guessing it needs to have network sharing enabled.  I don't use Windows so I'm probably not a lot of help to you, but if you have another device (laptop/pc), can you see the files from the one with the media on it on that one?  You maybe just need to ensure they are public (the folders where the media lives).  Generally DLNA just works in my experience although I must say the DLNA media browser in LG isn't very nice from a user experience point of view.  Did you say you have Plex media server running on that laptop, can you see the media via the web browser plex interface?  Have you installed the Plex app on your TV (if it's a 2015 model with WebOS2 i believe you may not be able to?)....

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oh and about the two types of connections, mine seems to do this ok, I use Plex which serves all the media via the Plex app on my LG, but I can also access it via the media share/DLNA feature (if this is enabled in Plex), OR, if the NAS (in my case), or public shares (your case) are set up... It shouldn't make a difference as such.  Please note I am no tech wiz, and I don't use windows but from what little I do know and my experience I can't see why these two things would clash, but others may be more informed and experienced with Windows than I am.

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I use Serviio on Windows 7.  Under "Library", I added all the local drive/folders where I keep my media files, select types (movie, pictures, music) and refresh.  There, you can also add the patch to your NAS.  Make sure the service is running on your PC (or your laptop).  In LG TV (I have 49UB8500 with first generation of WebOS), go to SmartShare, select "Device", you should see Serviio with your PC/Laptop name with it.  The WebOS implement is not as nice compared to other or even the old LG SmartTV Upgrade (ST600).  The icons image quality is terrible.

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