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Netflix won't work on an LG 55EG920V TV set




I'm experiencing big trouble with the Netflix app and I begin to lose patience. Some help would be much appreciated!

Before first use, the TV said an update was required. LG Content Store also claimed v.1.3.76 (24/11/2015) was available.

Thus, I updated, signed in and everything worked fine: I could play anything I wanted to, including 4K content, without any trouble.

In the evening, Iput the TV in stand by mode and the next day when I tried to use the Netflix app again, it was saying "We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try gain or select a different title." with ALL the titles, while Internet web browsing and YouTube worked perfectly fine.

I tried to reload the app: it didn't work.

I tried to exit (using the 'exit' function in the app) and start again the app: it didn't work.

I tried to sign out and sign in again: it didn't work.

I tried to restart my internet box: it didn't work.

I tried to unplug the TV for a few minutes: it worked, but it got exactly the same issue the next time I put the TV in stand by mode. Plus, it doesn't work all the time.

I tried to reset the TV to factory default, reset everything, re-update the app: it worked, but once again the issue reappear every time I put the TV in stand by mode.

I tried to go to 'My page' to check if I could remove the app to reinstall it completely, but it seems I can't.

Netflix customer service was no help, LG's no help either.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance.



TV software version: 03.01.25

TV country set to France (where I live).

Netflix app version: 1.3.69 according to the Netflix app settings menu...while the LG Content Store claims 1.3.76..strange!

TV connected to my internet box through Ethernet

Cable internet provider (tested 100/5Mbps from one of my MacBook Pro)

Everything works fine on my PS4, my two MacBooks Pro and my smartphone.

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