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Updating 55LB650V with latest WebOS 5.00.04 in Uk

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I have 55LB650V and good news is I am running 5.00.04  in UK.


Model 55LB650V-ZN

webOS TV version  1.4.0-3504(afro-ashley)


How;s that possible :) 


I used 

link hidden, please login to view
to download update OS from Australian site .



It works and its fast with few enahcnements. PLease follow the standard manual update procedures. Its not rocket science to update this.


***  I am not responsible for anything goes wrong :) .. please proceed carefully.



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I've got a 55LG650V-TA, which I'd have thought was the same as that mentioned, but when I go to the support site for this specific model, Australia, NZ or elsewhere there is no sign of any update software.... does this suggest do you think that this model won't be getting an update?  Good on LG, such an awesome company - NOT.

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If you stick to main code of the TV which is LB-650 .. rest all are just prefixes and suffixes in different geography. if You check Oz site ,you will have 6500V .. but that is same as LB650V is European model. 


hope this helps.. I agree .. LG has made good tv ut support wise they are far behind compare to their counterparts.

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@somesh_007 - thanks for the tip.  Someone from LG here in NZ has been in touch to say don't try the update as the programme guide won't work in NZ thereafter, evidently the update for WebOS2 won't be released in NZ until the end of october - further and conclusive evidence that NZ is very much the forgotten country.....


Next time I'm buying a Sony or Samsung.

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