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Keyboard on LG TV Plus app



I have an LG 55UB9500 (webos 1.0) and would like to be able to use the keyboard on my smartphone or my computer to type, rather than using the pointer and the on TV keyboard.  I've read that the "LG TV Plus" app should do this (on iOS or Android). However I can't find any way to use a keyboard in the app. Is the functionality not there or am I just missing something?

If the app just doesn't have keyboard functionality, are there other options?
Can the TV use a bluetooth keyboard? I know it works with USB keyboards, but I'm not sure if it will connect to a bluetooth keyboard. I've tried plugging in a Bluetooth USB dongle, but it shows up as an unrecognized device.
Thanks in advance!
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Just heard back from LG customer service:




Regarding your concern, it is not possible for you to use the keyboard using that LG TV plus app. Because, this app is only designed for basic remote control only such as changing channels, Volume, etc.


So looks like the app won't work as a keyboard. Any suggestions on other options?

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It doesn't for me. I tried opening Netflix and clicking on the fields to log in and no keyboard pops up. I also tried logging in to the TV under account management and I get no keyboard.


LG said "it is not possible for you to use the keyboard using that LG TV plus app"; is there another app maybe? I have the iOS app, is the Android app different?


EDIT: just tried changing my name under account management and a keyboard pops up now... it doesn't when I try to search in Netflix though, or when I tried to log in to my Netflix account or log into my LG account (under account management). The keyboard works in the web browser. Does it just not work in Netflix or for usernames/passwords?


EDIT 2: The keyboard doesn't work in Amazon video or in YouTube

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I have iOS app also. LG TV Plus sucks after last update. If you want, you can try previous version -

link hidden, please login to view
. It's more stable and keyboard works better in it. Just download and install via iTunes.


About YouTube app - keyboard doesn't work in it, because It's constructed in such a way. But you can use YouTube app in your phone to search videos and playback them on TV. 

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Oops, didn't notice the link!


Unfortunately it doesn't look like that'll work. When I try to open the app in iTunes it shows this:


It's filled in with a different email address than my Apple ID.


And when I try to sync it to my phone it shows this:



I don't think I can use it since it's signed with your Apple ID and isn't authorized for my Apple ID.

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