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TimeMachine II on USA televisions.

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Does anyone in the USA have time machine 2 on their 2014 smarttv?  I do not have it in my menus and want to record over the air television.  LG claims it's unavailable in the US because of anti piracy laws but I think that's BS.  I have a PVR which records football games every weekend from OTA antenna.

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Excuse me and thank you for helping but I do not have a spain or any other EU country.  My choices on this TV are:  USA, Canada, Mexico and Other.  I put it on "Other" and restarted the TV but it did not show any time machine functions.  Do you have any other suggestion please?

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The lg country codes are evidently hard wired in when shipped in different regions. I've been trying the same just to get Netflix which is t technically available in new Zealand, and no matter what I try I'm still restricted to countries in this vicinity. As far as my reading goes there really is no way to change the actual region code within the set. Sad, stupid, but true. Thanks LG.

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