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LG Store not working



Tv is connected to internet but when I run LG Store it won't open. After a while it shows network error (4). It was working few days ago, but it simply stopped. Firmware is latest and i'm not sure if it updated automatically but on the lg site firmware date is about when this problem occurred. Tv model is 42LB671v and firmware version is 40.30.16. Is there any way to downgrade to previous version or any other solution? Thanks

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I'm having the same problem, I only just bought my TV yesterday so was panicking I had a shoddy model. I was able to update to the latest firmware this morning, though pretty much as soon as it updated I can't use any apps or check for new software updates. I should note, that on the Network tab it says 'connected to the internet' which is false, as I get Network Error(4) for everything.


Have called support, they're over-run and claim will call me back. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, as I was so excited to start using my new TV :(


Please let me know if you guys hear anything.

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Have to same problem on my 55UB850V after firmware upgrade yesterday to 04.30.18: Network error(4) on the LG store

But the web browser is working perfectly

This is so annoying: i can't even watch Netflix, because the app wants to connect to the LG store

Will LG refund me for these days I can't watch Netflix?

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TV 47LB6520 webos smart 3d

same issue from yesterday evening. cannot open any net content other than web browser. i did resetting to initial settings. but still the same issue. says network error (4). 


Did anyone find any solution. just brought this TV a week before. It was so annoying as this happened so soon for me as me and my friend brought the TV on same day. I brought LG and he took samsung 48inch 6400 and it works like charm with  all connectivity with flash plugins related apps and sites and a lot of apps than LG in middle east region. while LG webos does not support flash and have very less useful applications. may be with in 10.


Please update if any solution is there for LG store app.

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I am having the same issue.


i bought the tv 5 days ago, i had this issue with the lg store not opening, i upgraded the fw the other day and still have the same issue.

(with the new firmware i also got the netflix app, which as well is not opening)


country set to germany, tv  55lb640v za 


If someone have more info about this pls let me know.

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Same problem here.


32LB650V-ZN, Denmark.


Been like that for some time. Maybe it started with firmware 04.30.16?


Also "Account Management" in settings doesn't work. If available from the "Quick settings" pane (sometimes it is available here, sometimes it's not?) it just hangs at a black screen if I try opening it. If I try opening "Account Management" from the "General" pane, I'm just immediately thrown completely out of settings.

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mine seems to work as well; still i found it a very negative experience. Apps like 'Netflix' shoudn't be affected because the 'LG store' is not working properly.

An outage like this and you can take the 'smart' out of your smart-TV.

This will definitely influence my decisions when purchasing a new TV in the future (and not in a positive way).

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I just bought a LG730V-ZD TV. Firmware version: 04.30.16 webostv version:1.30.0-3216 I'm from Macedonia

The problem is that i can't use any of the apps on the TV other than the web browser. I cant enter the LG Store app. And i get this network error 4.

This is very frustrating as I bought the TV 2 days ago.

Anybody have solution to the problem?

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I have the LG55UB850V. A couple of days ago, I started to get intermittment problems accessing the LG store. Sometimes I can connect and sometimes I can't. Also, when I do manage to start viewing content on Netflix, after about 1 to 2 minutes of play, Netflix just crashes. I restart Netflix then in about 1 to 2 minutes the same thing happens. This is VERY frustrating. The problem is certainly not my internet connection as I can watch BBc iPlayer just fine and have recently started using the new Spotify app. So is the problem the Netflix app, the LG Web OS operating system or the LG store or a combination of these. Has LG commented on these issues.


Any advise would be appreciated.

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